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News for Banksy

Has Banksy been to Northampton? New artwork poking fun at an internet conspiracy appears in the town
A rumour that the famed anonymous artist Banksy is really children's TV presenter Neil Buchanan gained traction last week ...

Banksy picture to be unveiled in Folkestone
Artwork by celebrated street artist Banksy which became the subject of a custody battle is to be unveiled in a Kent seaside town on Friday. His picture called Art Buff is being installed in Folkestone ...

Who is Banksy? How does Banksy stay anonymous - and is Neil Buchanan Banksy?
BANKSY is an internationally renowned British graffiti artist, but he keeps his identity a closely guarded secret. How exactly does he stay anonymous?

Photographer delighted to find Banksy-style artwork on his Northampton driveway
Allan Levy was delighted to find his driveway had been visited by a Banksy-loving street artist. The arrival of a Banksy-style piece of art on a private driveway near The Racecourse has delighted the ...

EU Cancels Banksy's 'Bad Faith' Trademark Registration
The European Union's intellectual property agency on Monday canceled a trademark registration held by anonymous street artist Banksy for one of his most famous works, ruling that it had been filed in ...

Neil from Art Attack responds to rumours that he's Banksy
And, now the one that's really doing the rounds is theory that Art Attack 's Neil Buchanan is the real identity of anonymous street artist Banksy. The rumour has been around for a while, but recently ...

Neil Buchanan: Former Art Attack host denies Banksy rumours
It came after a social media rumour suggested the former Art Attack and Finder's Keepers host was the man behind Banksy's anonymous street art. After the story spread, the 58-year-old felt obliged to ...

Banksy’s Former Agent Is Opening an Edgy Curiosities Shop to Sell Artists’ Editions and Items From His Very Strange Personal Collection
Banksy's former agent, Steve Lazarides, will sell all sorts of items through his shop—including newly commissioned artworks.

People Think the Guy From ‘Art Attack’ Is Banksy
The theory started gaining traction after a netizen claimed that Banksy artworks appeared in places where former “Art Attack” host Neil Buchanan’s former band would perform.

Art Industry News: A Beloved British Broadcaster Swears He’s Not Banksy Despite the Circumstantial Evidence + Other Stories
Plus, a John Cage composition changes its tune for the first time since 2013 and London's 1-54 fair announces its exhibitor list.

Banksy-funded rescue boat needs 'immediate assistance' after taking 219 migrants onboard
A rescue boat funded by the British street artist Banksy has said it urgently needs assistance after taking 219 migrants onboard in the Mediterranean.

Week in Review: Art Basel Miami Beach Canceled, Banksy Funds a Migrant Rescue Boat
Anonymous street artist Banksy purchased and decorated a yacht, which was converted and utilized as a migrant rescue boat. However, Banksy and the boat’s rescue crew say that when the boat surpassed ...