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News for Belly

Broncos LT Garett Bolles thinks OL Quinn Meinerz might have a lucky belly
Quinn Meinerz's belly stole the show at Denver Broncos practice in the spring, and it will likely shine again when training camp begins this week. Meinerz has been praised by guard Dalton Risn ...

16 Belly Chains To Help You Layer On The Body Baubles Like It’s 2003
Amanda Bynes, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, and Nelly Furtado — the belly chain is once again enjoying a resurgence. We’ve seen the waist-skimming baubles in bikini pics posted by Hailey ...

Belly, Young Thug, And The Weeknd Are Indestructible In The Explosive ‘Better Believe’ Video
Toronto rapper Belly is on the comeback trail, with a new album, See You Next Wednesday, he’s promoting with a string of strong singles and revitalized videos including “IYKYK,” “ Money On The Table , ...

Belly is Joined by The Weeknd and Young Thug for “Better Believe”
Belly continues to build his momentum, this time teaming with The Weeknd and Young Thug for their new single “Better Believe,” which comes alongside a Christian Breslauer-directed video. Belly details ...

Belly Dancer Sofinar Is Engaged! Check out Her Hunky Fiancé
Armenian belly dancer residing in Egypt, Sofinar, has announced her engagement today. On Instagram, Sofinar's fiancé proposed in a unique way by getting out of the pool and placing the ring on the ...

Woman Horrified After Navel Piercing Completely Misses Belly Button
The TikTok user said she wanted a refund for her "time, money and feelings," and confirmed she took the piercing out.

Woman left fuming after body piercer completely MISSES her belly button – but people reckon she’s in the wrong
GETTING a new piercing can be pretty daunting, so you’d want to make sure the person doing it gets it right. But after getting her belly pierced in New Jersey, US, this woman noticed ...

Joaquin Phoenix unveils grey hair and pot belly as he transforms his body yet again for new role
The 46-year-old actor - who is known for going to extreme lengths for his craft - was pictured on set of his next movie Disappointment Blvd. in Montreal, Canada on Tuesday.

Belly, the Weeknd, and Young Thug Share Video for New Song “Better Believe”: Watch
Belly has released a new song with the Weeknd and Young Thug. It’s called “Better Believe” and it’s produced by Zaytoven. Check out the song’s action-packed video, directed by Christian Breslauer, ...

How a Model Discovered That Belly Button Rings Make the Perfect Hair Accessory
Is this strange yet effortlessly cool hairstyle about to become summer's biggest hair trend? We hope so. This year, social media has blessed us with a lot of hairstyle inspiration. From '90s-inspired ...

Here’s What To Expect Price-Wise When You Get A Belly Button Piercing
Y2K's blingiest trend is back full-force. Here is everything you need to know how much belly button piercings cost before you make an appointment.

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs So Much?
If you have a belly rub-loving dog, you know the drill. She immediately rolls on her back and exposes her belly, and you proceed to rub and scratch till her heart's content. Just like a good back ...