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News for Bentley Bentayga

For a pot of gold, you could have this Bentley Mulliner Bacalar
Bentley recently held an online contest to design the interior and exterior of its ultra-exclusive Mulliner Bacalar. The latter winner imagined the topless roadster in a rainbow livery.

Delivery driver, 25, accused of destroying £1m worth of supercars in high speed chase
Ahmed Al Husseini is to appear before magistrates in August charged with dangerous driving almost exactly a year after he was involved in the pile up near Sloane Square in Chelsea.

Bentley Bentayga recalled because seat belts may detach
British luxury brand Bentley has issued a recall for 67 examples of its 2018-2020 Bentayga seven-seater SUV due to a faulty seat belt anchorage point. Petrol V8, petrol W12 and diesel V8 models are a ...

2021 BMW Alpina XB7 is a 600-hp SUV that should put Bentley and Lamborghini on notice
Alpina is known for churning out some of the best Bimmers you can buy, and the hotted-up X7-derived XB7 looks to be no different.

Bentley resumes operations: More than 250 COVID-19 prevention practices in place at factory
Bentley expects the rest of the crew to join the manufacturing process by mid-June. At present, the company has started making the Bentayga as well as Mulsanne models. The production of the ...

This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T Is More Expensive than a Bentley Bentayga
The Charger restomod comes with a $193,500 price tag, which means it’s more expensive even that the Bentley Bentayga, which starts at a little over $160,000 for the base model. But, at the end ...

Bentley Tastes The Rainbow With Colorful Bacalar
This is a vehicle that Bentley could actually make if a client requests it. All of the colors come from the company's existing palette.

Bentley's Mulliner Bacalar Looks Surprisingly Good In Skittles Getup
But those uses are as hypothetical as the paint job itself—that's right, this is merely a design study, Bentley's winner from an internal company design contest it recently hosted. Bentley's internal ...

Bentley Flying Star rendered as gorgeous Continental shooting brake
Fast forward to May 2020, our pal Nicolas Cavero from futurecarsnow on Instagram has revisited the idea of a Bentley shooting brake. He knows his way around a digital pencil, and with the GT already ...