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News for Black

Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin touts top GOP support in bid for governor after announcement that indicated shifts on policing, Black Lives Matter
A day after Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin announced his Republican candidacy for governor, his campaign rolled out dozens of endorsements led by Illinois House GOP leader Jim Durkin, making Irvin the ...

And Just Like That… Sex and the City Still Doesn’t Do Right By Black Women
Sex and the City is such a pop-culture juggernaut that many Black women can make some reference to it, whether it be a love of the Cosmopolitan, a salute to Samantha’s sexual freedom, or — and this is ...

The History of Black-and-White Cinematography: From Its Death to Latest Oscar Trend
With a monochromatic slate of Oscar contenders and a new version of “Nightmare Alley,” what does history tell us about this current trend?

Iris Nevins Creates Black NFT Brand to 'Rebalance Power' in the Marketplace
CNBC reported 29-year-old Iris Nevins and her team have launched a new NFT brand (non-fungible token or digital item that can be sold and bought online). The brand is focused on Black art and ...

Boston Bruins will retire number 22 in honor of Willie O'Ree, the first Black NHL player
(CNN)The Boston Bruins are set to retire the jersey of the first Black player in the NHL, Willie O'Ree. The Bruins plan to honor O'Ree's legacy by retiring his number 22 before the game Tuesday night ...

Surprise Congress map from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would hurt Black, Hispanic voting power, experts say
In a surprise move, Gov. Ron DeSantis has inserted himself into congressional redistricting by releasing his own map that experts said Tuesday would dilute minority voting power and likely give ...

The future of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and Jimmy Kimmel, goodbye to ‘Black-ish,’ more: TV press tour
The virtual Television Critics Association 2022 winter press tour is underway, with news about ABC shows, Hulu, and more.

Opinion: NFL’s MLK Jr. tributes ring hollow as Black coaches remain subjected to unfair hiring practices
At the time the NFL slapped MLK commemorative stickers on helmets and flooded social media with tributes, the number of coaches of color had plunged.

Sundance 2022: 10 Must-See Films from Black Filmmakers at This Year’s Festival
These ten films boast a diverse assortment of stories that survey academia, policing, systematic bias, anti-capitalist, and anti-colonialist themes from a uniquely Black perspective.

Prosecutor: No charges in Black Kansas teen’s custody death
A Kansas prosecutor said Tuesday that he won't file criminal charges over the death of a Black 17-year-old who became unresponsive while being restrained facedown for ...

Op-ed: Dick Durbin: To improve breast cancer outcomes for Black women, we should expand health care coverage
The Affordable Care Act made many preventive screenings free, leading to earlier breast cancer diagnoses. But 12 states have refused to implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion for lower-income families ...