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Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, T.I. & More Recognize Loss of Black Americans in '17 More Ways' Video: Watch
Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige and T.I. have joined forces for the powerful new video “17 More Ways You Could Be Killed if You Are Black in America.” Watch it here.

In ‘battle for the soul of Salem,’ a Black business owner is targeted
Far-right and white-supremacist groups have descended on Oregon’s capital in large numbers, leaving one couple to wonder if it’s worth staying.

The Next New Deal Must Be for Black Americans, Too
If the Biden administration hopes to enact an ambitious recovery agenda modeled on the New Deal, it must confront its racist legacy.

The Black List Teams With New Zealand Film Commission For Fund And Script Development Workshop
The Black List is partnering with the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) for the Black List New Zealand Project (BLNZP). The new initiative is a one-off fund script development workshop ...

Yoruba Richen Tells The Stories Of Black Icons In ‘How It Feels To Be Free’
As part of their award-winning American Masters series, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, PBS premieres How It Feels To Be Free which tells the inspiring story of six iconic African American female ...

Inaugural event to celebrate resiliency of Black Americans
The resiliency, culture and heroism of Black Americans and the African diaspora will be the central theme of a virtual event Tuesday that will celebrate the nation’s diversity ...

Warnock’s election reminds us that Black churches are vital to Democratic success
For generations, a critical part of Democrats’ efforts to get Black voters to the polls has been appeals via the Black church, one of the strongest pillars of the African Americ ...

Bachelor Matt James Sets the Record Straight on Dating Black Women: 'I've Dated Across the Board'
"People for some reason think I don't like Black women — the last women I've dated have all been Black women," he said on Talking It Out with Mike & Bryan ...

Joe Biden pledges to address pay, systemic racism: 'Black and Latino unemployment gap remains too large'
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s pursuit was for racial and economic justice. Joe Biden has pledged to bridge racial gaps in pay and lending for Blacks.

Biden administration promises equitable vaccine access to Black and brown communities
President-elect Joe Biden and his administration vow to ensure Black and brown people get equal access to the Covid-19 vaccine through mobile clinics, vaccination centers and partnerships with local ...

Black Friday is back for Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro at Amazon
The hot new Apple MacBook Air is a truly impressive value at $999 since it beats rival Windows laptops that cost much more, but you can get one for even less than that at Amazon thanks to a slight ...

5 Roomba robot vacuums are on sale at Black Friday prices right now at Amazon
Robot vacuums are game-changers and anyone who owns one can attest to how great they are. If you’ve been thinking about getting one or you’re looking to add to your arsenal to cover a ...