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???? Blood Supply Low + Unhoused Neighbors + Insurance Up To Date?
It's probably time for front range homeowners to re-examine their homeowner's insurance policy. As a result of the Marshall Fire, it has brought to the forefront what homeowners and renters might face ...

FDA Pressured to Ease Restrictions On Gay Men Donating Blood Amid Shortage
The U.S. is facing its worst blood shortage in a decade, but there's a significant population whose donations are still limited.

Historic blood shortage fuels calls for FDA to ease restrictions on gay men donating blood
LGBTQ+ supporters ramp up pressure on the FDA to revise rules on gay men's blood donations after Red Cross declares national blood crisis.

US faces worst blood shortage in over a decade amid pandemic
Blood centers across US have less than a day’s supply of some types, organization says, as Covid fuels decline in blood drives ...

Kane County blood bank officials say donations needed as current shortage ‘more severe than we’ve seen in quite a long time’
Amid a nationwide blood supply shortage, blood bank officials at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital in Geneva are pleading for residents to donate.

Blood shortage reaches crisis levels at San Diego County hospitals
Hospital administrators say San Diego County is one mass-casualty event away from lives being lost because of a shortage of donated blood.

Give Blood, Get a Joint: Dispensary Offers Free Marijuana to Donors During Blood Shortage
"A blood shortage is huge and people are dying because they need blood," the dispensary's owner Jerry Millen told Newsweek.

American Red Cross declares ‘national blood crisis’ amid pandemic shortage
Blood centers across US have less than a day’s supply of some types, organization says, as Covid fuels decline in blood drives ...

Destruction of red blood cells contributes to space anemia in astronauts
Spending time in space destroys red blood cells and contributes to anemia in astronauts, according to new research published Friday.

Column: Amid a dire blood shortage, let gay men donate
At a time during the pandemic when blood donations are needed, lifting the donation ban on sexually active gay men would undoubtedly attract more donors.

Space travel destroys red blood cells faster than on Earth
Scientists have discovered more about why space travel makes astronauts anaemic when they return to Earth. Canadian researchers say 50% more red blood cells are destroyed in space and this continues ...

Boy, 8, Whose Face Had 'Swollen Up' Diagnosed With Rare Blood Cancer
Jake Whittingham, from northern England, has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. "He continues to make us all amazingly proud," said the boy's uncle.