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Titans fan was ‘blown away by how well we were treated’ by Chiefs fans on Sunday
“Would have preferred a different outcome but still had an absolute blast,” Powell wrote in the post. “We’ve been going to Titans away games for years and were blown away by how well we were treated, ...

Notebook: Shanahan reflects on blown Super Bowl
Notebook: Shanahan reflects on blown Super Bowl Kyle Shanahan was offensive coordinator of the Falcons, who coughed up a 28-3 lead to the Patriots and lost in overtime three years ago. Check out this ...

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan reflects on blown Super Bowl
Kyle Shanahan's play calls from his first trip to the Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator have been heavily scrutinized ...

Coronavirus can impact U.S. market without becoming full-blown epidemic here: Expert
Click here to read more on how the highly-contagious coronavirus -- already leaving 17 people dead, infecting hundreds of others and locking down three cities in China -- can shock the U.S. stock ...

Warriors get blown out by Jazz for 12th loss in 13 games
His hoodie on, Warriors forward Draymond Green slumped into his seat, leaned back and stared at the floor. It was the start of the fourth quarter Wednesday, and Green — the lone player available from ...

Windows blown out, walls and ceilings cracked in homes near Houston explosion site
KHOU 11's Adam Bennett was invited into a home in northwest Houston that was damaged by Friday morning's explosion at an industrial site.

Stacey Abrams, who never got over her loss, advises Democrats to move on from blown elections
Even O. Henry could not have conceived this level of irony. Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, said this week that Democrats must get over lost races and focus only on ...

49ers' Robert Saleh blown away by Chiefs' 'Olympic relay team' speed
SANTA CLARA -- Arrowhead Stadium ran out of fireworks during the Chiefs' divisional-round win over the Houston Texans because Kansas City scored so many times. The Chiefs followed up their 51-point ...

You Can Delete All iPhone Texts at Once With This Hack, and My Mind Is Blown
iPhone tips... #iphonehack #fyp #foru #borntoglow #meetmycar ♬ original sound - juniorpaiz_ TikTok is a glorious black hole filled with eye-opening beauty tutorials, genius money-saving tips, adorable ...

Trump attorney Sekulow’s impeachment defense of president blown out of the water with Lindsey Graham statement
On Saturday, one of the biggest opening arguments made by President Donald Trump’s legal team at the impeachment trial was that there was, in fact, a risk that Ukraine had meddled in U.S. elections.

Diddy "Blown Away" By Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Award In Thank You Video
While receiving a hair mask, Diddy said, "I'm getting honored as an icon, I'm blown away! Thank you, Clive and the whole crew. It's a big honor for me, but I have to take the time out and just thank ...

Kim Gardner's office says traffic stop blown out of proportion due to comments by Jeff Roorda
The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office called a press conference Thursday to address the ongoing dispute about a traffic stop involving Kim Gardner in December. Redditt Hudson with the CAO presented ...