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News for Bread

AOC suggests NYC crime surge due to unemployment, residents who need to 'shoplift some bread'
Cortez suggested over the weekend that the crime surge in New York City is likely because struggling residents are forced to shoplift in order to "feed their child." ...

Move over, banana bread — it's time for this peachy bourbon loaf
For the last several months, banana bread has become the MVP of many people's pandemic stress-baking roster — and understandably so. It's a cheap, easy way to get something sweet on the table without ...

‘The greatest thing since sliced bread’: The difference between a deep and shallow faith
It can be easy to take certain beliefs for granted simply because they’re part of our daily walk with the Lord.

Meet baker's yeast, the budding, single-celled fungus that fluffs your bread
They live in bread dough. They die in your oven. At the grocery store, where you buy them, they sit in little glass jars, dormant on the shelf, waiting to be rehydrated so they can do their life's ...

How to Make Bread Pudding the Old-Fashioned Way
Learn how to make bread pudding using expert tips from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. We've included an easy recipe (with pictures!) for this old-fashioned dessert.

Severe bread shortages loom for Syria as fresh U.S. sanctions grip
Syria could face severe bread shortages for the first time since the start of the war, another challenge for President Bashar al-Assad as he grapples with an economic meltdown and fresh U.S. sanctions ...

Bread subscription service excites foodies across Japan
A subscription service allowing consumers to enjoy tasty breads from bakeries across the country has been drawing the attention of foodies and bread enthusiasts in Japan. Yuabread Inc, based in Kiryu, ...

Rose Byrne Has Spent Quarantine Making Banana Bread With an Occasional Assist From Partner Bobby Cannavale
Offscreen, the couple have been isolating in Brooklyn with their two kids, trying their hand at a popular lockdown activity.

This 4-slice toaster is just $30 and won't burn your gluten-free bread
Plus, an Emerald 4-quart air fryer is down to $30 at Best Buy. Can you think of the most passive-aggressive thing you've ever said while waiting for someone's toast to finish? That's the problem with ...

AOC on NYC Crime Wave: People "Need To Feed Their Child," Maybe Have To "Shoplift Some Bread"
During a virtual town hall on Thursday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opined about the causes of a wave of crime in New York City: REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: I think there is something about this ...

GE2020: Opposition vote swing shows people are looking beyond bread and butter issues, analysts say
The vote swing towards opposition parties in this year’s General Election has shown that the electorate does not only care about bread ...

Kourt's Cuddle Toys, Paris' Banana Bread & Mahomes' Millions
Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh wants you to cuddle up, Paris Hilton is in the kitchen and Patrick Mahomes' GF spills financial tea!