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News for Bronze

Ancient DNA reveals a Bronze Age bias for male horses
Myths about horses and gender abound. Many equestrians, for example, say they prefer “predictable” geldings over “moody” mares, despite no real difference in their behavior while ridden. Now, a new ...

Welp, Samsung just leaked the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a Mystic Bronze color
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra just appeared on the Russian version of Samsung’s own website. The pictures were quickly removed, but not before Max Weinbach got them. The photos show the Note 20 ...

Major leak shows the Galaxy Note 20 in classy Mystic Bronze color
Samsung accidentally showed a render of the Galaxy Note 20 on one of its international websites, giving a sneak preview of the new phone in an exciting color.

Samsung accidentally reveals Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in bronze color
Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is going to be one good-looking phone. We know that because Samsung accidentally leaked a photo of the upcoming device on its Russian site (the photo was later removed, ...

O-RAN ALLIANCE Delivers New Specifications, “Bronze” Open Source Software and New Virtual Exhibits of O-RAN Solutions
RAN ALLIANCE has continued its progress towards making the Radio Access Networks (RAN) truly open, intelligent, virtualized and fully interoperable. The O-RAN ALLIANCE welcomes TELUS Communications ...

Galaxy Z Flip 5G 'Mystic Bronze' Shown From All Angles
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G ‘Mystic Bronze’ has just surfaced in a GIF format, and that animated image shows the device from all angles. This image has ...

Girl Scout troop earns Bronze with environmental awareness video
Berkeley Heights Junior Girl Scout Troop 96330 prepared a video presentation about environmental awareness entitled “The Human Footprint.” This project helped them earn the Bronze Award, the highest ...

Bring your car collection: Bronze and glass DC home on market for nearly $13M
A newly-built, six-bedroom modernist home, designed by acclaimed architect David Jameson, is on the market for $12.950 million.

Another Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leaked image is here, this time in 41mm Bronze
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 images just keep leaking. Now, we have a look at a 41mm model in a Bronze colorway.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leaks on Samsung’s own website showing ‘Mystic Bronze’ color
Samsung has accidentally leaked its very own Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on a webpage in Russia, giving us a very high quality look at the device.

Upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5G 360-degree renders showcase ‘Mystic Bronze’ color
The first renders of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5G in a stunning "Mystic Bronze" color have now leaked giving us yet another unique Samsung color option.

This Is The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra In "Mystic Bronze"
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still a little over a month away from being released, but that isn't stopping the leaks. This is supposedly the Galaxy ...