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News for Busch Gardens

WATCH NOW: 'It is not financially feasible': Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens won't reopen under Phase 3 restrictions
Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg — two of Virginia’s biggest tourist attractions and economic boosters — won’t be reopening when Virginia moves next week into the third phase of ...

‘These decisions are tough’: Northam affirms 1,000 patron limits for amusement parks after Busch Gardens announces plans to remain closed
Northam’s comments at his Thursday coronavirus briefing come after Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion announced earlier this week that they would not be able to reopen under current plans for Phase 3 ...

Busch Gardens to remain closed in Phase 3
The president of the park criticized Gov. Ralph Northam’s guidelines that group the giant theme park with smaller, enclosed entertainment facilities.

Busch Gardens says reopening not ‘economically sustainable situation’ in phase 3
While Gov. Ralph Northam has announced that amusement parks in Virginia can reopen soon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg said Tuesday it was opting to stay closed.

Baby giraffe born at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay just in time for World Giraffe Day
What great timing! A giraffe at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay had her new baby just in time for World Giraffe Day. Bea, a 14-year-old reticulated giraffe, had her third calf, a boy, on Friday, June 19.

Rosie’s Gaming Emporium reopens in Phase 3
Rosie’s Gaming Emporium in Hampton is one of several locations to reopen as part of Phase 3.  “We’ve been waiting for Busch Gardens and stuff ...

Busch Gardens Gives Glimpse Of Adorable Newborn Giraffe
Just in time for World Giraffe Day on June 21, Beau delivered a bouncing baby boy at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, adding one more reticulated giraffe to an endangered species. The giraffe calf is Beau's ...

Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion will not reopen next week
Spokespeople for Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion say limiting guests to 1,000 is not 'economically sustainable' ...

Video: See the new baby giraffe at Busch Gardens
This is the third calf born to the 14-year-old reticulated giraffe named Bea. The male's birth was announced on World Giraffe Day.

Baby male giraffe born at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
A baby male giraffe was born last week at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay! The park says Bea, a 14-year old reticulated giraffe, delivered her third calf on June 19. The Busch Gardens zoological team has been ...

FL Good News: Baby Giraffe, Teacher Raise And 4th Of July Fun
Pictures of a newborn giraffe at Busch Gardens, WWE Superstars march with love and things to do for 4th of July are part of FL's good news.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s giraffe, Bea, gives birth to baby boy
Bea is a 14-year-old reticulated giraffe, an endangered species with only about 15,000 remaining in the wild, according to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay park ...