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News for Candy

Senators can only snack on candy and milk in Chamber — here's how it could affect decision-making skills
During the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, which could last weeks, senators are allowed to drink water or milk, and snack on candy. Studies show that hunger affects our ability to make ...

Why Candy Queen Dylan Lauren Can’t Get Enough Of Hawaii
Forbes Travel Guide talks sweets, sunshine and insatiable celebrity fans with the creative mind behind international sweets shop Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Naps, candy, paper planes: how senators are tolerating the impeachment trial
Three days of sitting quietly and listening is a tall order for anyone – even for the senators attending Donald Trump’s impeachment trial this week. Reports from inside the chamber indicate that ...

Chris Murphy shares candy secret with Elizabeth Warren
Sen. Chris Murphy has a secret. There’s an assigned candy desk in the Senate, but he’s got a little stash of his own. The so-called candy desk really is a thing, as The New York Times reported. It’s ...

Milk and candy: Arcane rules for impeachment trial hit trapped senators hard
From restrictions on drinks — only water or milk — to a ban on all food except candy, the Senate’s arcane rules for what is allowed in the chamber are hitting lawmakers hard now they are trapped there ...

This is what a giant pile of impeachment candy looks like
If you’re wondering how the Senate impeachment trial is going, consider this historic photo. A pallet of candy stands outside Sen. Pat Toomey’s office, shrink-wrapped. Notice the Hershey’s bars (milk ...

Candy desk gets restocked during impeachment trail
The famous candy desk on the Senate floor is getting restocked on Friday after hungry senators diminished the supply during the early days of the impeachment trial.

The Lunar New Year candy box: What those treats mean
It's a classic Lunar New Year scene: Families huddle over a red and gold candy box full of treats. Unwrap the meanings behind this tradition.

Valentine candy conversation hearts are back but there is a catch
Last year, the candies were no longer made after Necco went out of businesses. Then Spangler Candy Company of Ohio purchased Necco Wafers and the Sweethearts. According to Time, the timing of the sale ...

Secret Candy Stash Helps Lawmakers Stay Focused During Impeachment Trial
It’s day three of President Trump’s impeachment trial, and hungry senators are starting to turn to the Senate’s historic candy desk to make it through the day. Longstanding Senate rules prohibit food ...

Why Kara Nielsen Sees Cotton Candy Grapes in Your Future
You push yourself a little bit and then you’re like, ‘OK, I survived.’” In the end, she says, the seasonal flavor she likes best hewed to Halloween tradition—“the one that had a bunch of candy in it.

Senate receives Hershey's delivery of 700 lbs of candy to restock candy desk
Hershey's delivered 700 pounds of candy to Sen. Pat Toomey's office to use in restocking the Senate's candy desk during the impeachment trial.