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News for Carabo

Italdesign hints Cybertruck design inspired by Its wedge era cars
Can you see the resemblances? The wedge era came into fashion towards the end of the 1960s and one of the first cars to start the trend was the Alfa Romeo Carabo concept, although many consider the ...

Alfa Romeo’s 1968 Carabo Concept Is Magnificent Even By Today’s Standards
The event will see a number of old timers on display, and one of the most impressive among them will be the Carabo Concept. Made in 1968 using the roots of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, a ‘road-legal’ ...

Reaction: McCann & Pennington On Carabo Cup Exit
Grant McCann and Matthew Pennington spoke to Tigers TV after Tuesday night’s Carabao Cup penalty shoot-out defeat against Preston North End. You can watch the post-match interviews on the Club’s ...

Tom Barkhuizen on how a narrower role saw him help fire Preston North End to victory against Bradford
A narrow-minded approach from Tom Barkhuizen helped Preston North End see off Bradford City in the Carabo Cup. The winger tucked inside at Valley Parade rather than playing too wide and it paid off as ...

2019 BMW Vision M Next Concept
Its low-slung, wedge-shaped silhouette reminds me of angular Italian concept cars from the 1970s (think Lancia Stratos Zero, Maserati Boomerang, and Alfa Romeo Carabo), as well as the iconic BMW M1.

The 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept Promised the Future, All That’s Left Are Scissor Doors
One might recall that Lamborghini’s Miura had been on the market for only two years when the Carabo went on display at the Paris auto show. One might be shocked to learn that they shared the same ...

Chelsea fans react to a huge win in the Carabo Cup and a very special goal
Chelsea managed to record a huge win in the Carabo Cup, and while their fans were proud of the fact the club were though to the next round, the majority of people were talking about one player. Sadly ...

Social media slams Supersport for not showing Carabo Cup final
CAPE TOWN - Twitter exploded yesterday when users discovered that MultiChoice did not have the Football league cup (Carabo Cup), final which saw Manchester City compete against Arsenal, on their TV ...

Liverpool in the Carabo Cup.
Have to say that is a given. Last year Klopp did the same and while I do not think we will make 11 changes I do not think we will be far off that as The game at the weekend has no taken on a new ...