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News for Central Pa

Central Pa. couple charged with child endangerment after kids found on road
A York County couple was charged with child endangerment when police say their 2- and 4-year-old children were found alone and covered in dirt and feces, ABC 27 reported. The couple, Taylor Rudy and ...

Former central Pa. school district administrator pleads guilty to sexual contact with student
A former Red Lion School District dean of students pleaded guilty Thursday to having sexual contact with a 17-year-old student 13 years ago, the York Daily Record reported. Chad Keiser, 45, of Windsor ...

How many of these biggest Central Pa. road projects will you encounter this summer?
It’s the height of road construction season in central Pennsylvania. Coronavirus threw a wrench into the works earlier this year, shutting down most projects in mid-March as part of the state’s ...

Tropical Storm Fay to bring rain, thunderstorms into central Pennsylvania
Tropical Storm Fay will bring weekend rain showers and thunderstorms to Pennsylvania, according to Pennsylvania residents can expect rain and thunderstorms starting Friday afternoon that continue into ...

Over 700 new COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania, 19 new in central region
The Pennsylvania Department of Health has confirmed over 700 new cases of COVID-19 in the state with totals over 95,000. As of Sunday, there are 725 new cases from Saturday, bringing the state total ...

Central Pennsylvania weather: Temps headed for the 90s again
I KNOW THAT IS PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU WANT It's going to be another hot day in what has been a hot July in central Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley.It's a foggy start of the day for some. Visibility ...

Skeleton found in central Pennsylvania river, believed to be man missing since October
Alex Mardis, 31, disappeared Oct. 30, 2019, from a family home in Avis, Pa., about 150 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

What questions do you have about schooling in central Pa. and the state this fall?
What questions do you have about education this fall, whether about the state’s return-to-school guidelines in general or a central Pennsylvania district or school in particular? We’ll take your ...

Tropical Storm Fay could bring some rain to central Pa.
Tropical Storm Fay is expected to send significant rain and gusty winds to the Mid-Atlantic coast beginning Friday. Central Pennsylvania might get a bit of rain, but that’s about it, according to ...

Central Pennsylvania machine shop to pay back wages after failing to grant leave during pandemic
GREENCASTLE, Pa. — A Greencastle machine shop will pay nearly $750 in back wages to an employee who was denied paid leave to provide child care during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the U.S.

Pennsylvania police have received over $6M worth of military surplus since 2018
The Department of Defense program, which began in the 1990s, provides excess or obsolete military equipment at no cost other than shipping and storage fees.

Russian Bounty Plot Suspected in Deaths of Marines From Del., Central Pa.
The deaths of three U.S. Marines from a roadside bomb last year are under more scrutiny this week, following news of a suspected Russian plot to pay bounties to Afghan militants who killed Americans.