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News for China

FirstFT: China regulation fears hit Tencent shares
Chinese tech stocks plunged for a third day as investor fears mounted over a broadening regulatory crackdown, with shares of Tencent falling the most in a decade after the internet group halted ...

International investor concerns mount over China's tech rout
International investors were feeling bruised and uncertain on Tuesday as a third day of heavy selling hammered China's top tech stocks and began to seep into currency and debt markets.

China Appears to Be Building New Silos for Nuclear Missiles, Researchers Say
The discovery from commercial satellite imagery follows another U.S. think-tank analysis appearing to identify a separate missile silo field under construction.

Starbucks earnings beat, fueled by strong U.S. cold beverage sales, but its shares drop on weak China outlook
Starbucks topped Wall Street's estimates for its fiscal third-quarter earnings and revenue. The company also raised its forecast for fiscal 2021 earnings per share, despite also predicting slowing ...

China to Revise Population Law to Reverse Birthrate Decline
Lawmakers plan to clear remaining legal barriers to encourage couples to have more children, as the country faces another year of fewer births.

China Says Talks With U.S. 'Candid and Helpful,' Despite Fierce Criticism
Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman received an earful from Chinese diplomat Xie Feng, but the visit appears to have served its purpose.

A 2nd New Nuclear Missile Base for China, and Many Questions About Strategy
Is China scrapping its “minimum deterrent” strategy and joining an arms race? Or is it looking to create a negotiating card, in case it is drawn into arms control negotiations?

WorldView: Landslides and floods in India kill at least 180, towering 300-foot sandstorm in China
More than 180 people in India are dead after heavy rains triggered landslides and floods. A man in Hong Kong faces life in prison after being the first person found guilty under the city's new ...

Beijing: U.S., China meeting improved communication despite disagreements
China said Beijing and Washington "enhanced mutual understanding" a day after a meeting between the two sides that highlighted differing approaches to human rights and foreign policy.

Residents mourn drowned subway riders in central China
Residents have laid flowers at the entrance of a subway station where 14 people died after a record-breaking downpour flooded large swaths of Henan province in central China ...

U.K. Warship Enters South China Sea Despite Beijing Warnings
A 2016 ruling from the Hague rejected China's claim and allowed the U.S., U.K. and Australia to conduct routine freedom of navigation operations in parts of the South China Sea.

Blinken's India visit puts human rights, China on table
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in India for talks with the country’s prime minister and senior officials ...