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News for Chinese Porcelain

‘Porcelain’ Review: In Search of the Arcanum
Many of the European rulers who sponsored the porcelain industry cared less for profit than for objects of luxury to display their grandeur.

A $9 Million Chinese Vase Turned Up in a Central European Cupboard
For decades, an ornamental vase with gilded, dragon-shaped handles sat in an open cupboard in a central European country home. Four cats roamed freely around it. Cats may have nine lives, but delicate ...

A plate set worthy of a ‘royal’ visit
Up until the 18 th century, the Europeans couldn’t replicate the Chinese technique of creating plates out of hard-paste porcelain; so for centuries, these could only be imported from China, making ...

Ai Weiwei’s ‘History of Bombs’ moves London’s Imperial War Museum back into action
Dissident artist appears ready to take on the hypocrisy not only of China, but also that of the entire international system ...

Matching rare Chinese vases sell for £324,000 after sitting on couple’s mantelpiece for DECADES
A MATCHING pair of rare Chinese vases that an unsuspecting couple had above their fireplace for decades have sold at auction for £324,000. The porcelain wall vases were spotted by an antique ...

Chinatown Is Coming Back, One Noodle at a Time
Restaurants in the Manhattan neighborhood suffered early in the pandemic. Some are just now experimenting with outdoor service.

Iconic home open for walking tours
The old kitchen has been turned into a gallery of exquisite Bencharong porcelain that was crafted by Chinese artisans to use in the royal court between Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin periods. The ...

Rare Chinese vases sell for £324k after decades on mantelpiece
A matching pair of rare Chinese vases that an unsuspecting couple had on their mantelpiece for decades have sold at auction for £324,000. The porcelain wall vases were spotted by an antiques expert ...

Clay pig figurine discovered under 5,000-year-old ruins is compared to Angry Birds character
Archaeologists found the tiny sculpture while digging the remains of a small ancient community outside modern-day Guanghan in Sichuan province. They believe the artwork is 3,200 years old.

China aids Angkor Wat restoration
The Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage has helped Cambodia to restore the royal palaces in the ruins of Angkor and the research work has not been suspended, even amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Chinese ...

Restoration of historical sites in Angkor, Cambodia assisted by China amid pandemic
The leader of the team, Wang Yuanlin, told Xinhua that a large number of living utensils were found in the excavation area, such as pottery pots, celadon bowls, black glazed porcelain and other ...

A $9 Million Chinese Vase Turned Up in a Central European Cupboard
Four cats roamed freely around it. Cats may have nine lives, but delicate Chinese porcelain vases have only one. So it is fortunate indeed that this fragile 18th-century specimen, which may have ...