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Design details give Quimper vase pizzazz factor
The vase is, as you suspect, made of pottery ... B.T., internet Dear B.T.: By the mid 18th century the Chinese had been producing porcelain decorative wares for export to the West for several hundred ...

Where to celebrate Chinese New Year in Abu Dhabi
Here’s our pick of what to do. Al Maryah Island Once again the promenade at Al Maryah Island will be celebrating Chinese New Year with a host of live entertainment and attractions. Head along between ...

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LEGO 80105 Spring Festival Chinese New Year Temple Fair [Review]
The vase store sells vases, pottery and porcelain dolls ... with the family now shown visiting their grandparents after their Chinese New Years dinner. Let’s take a look at them individually. Before ...

Chinese vase sells for $69m
Nov 12 - A Chinese vase from the 1740s is sold at auction for $69 million after being found in a London suburban house. David Botti reports.

Trump says he’s ready to handle North Korea ‘gift,’ it might be a ‘beautiful vase’
“I may get a vase. I may get a nice present from him ... Trump turned to a less-than-festive topic: Chinese tariffs. “I’m at a place called Mar-a-Lago, we call it the southern White House, ...

£1 vase bought at charity shop could sell for £80K
A Chinese vase which was bought for £1 in a British charity shop could sell for about £80,000 because it was made for an 18th century Chinese emperor. Unaware of its significance, the shopper listed ...

Chinese vase bought for $1 sells for $500G
The find of a lifetime has turned into an even bigger pot of gold than expected. Initially expected to sell for approximately $100,000, a rare Chinese vase that was made for the 18th-century Qianlong ...

Shopper buys £1 Chinese vase from charity shop and sells it for almost HALF A MILLION
The unnamed owner decided to pick up the yellow floral pear-shaped vase in a charity shop in Hertfordshire because he "liked the look of it". Unaware of its significance he later listed the small ...

Lucky shopper who bought vase for £1 in charity shop sells it for almost half a MILLION pounds
Incredibly, the unnamed owner of the vase discovered it was created for a Chinese emperor's palace in the 18th Century - and had somehow made its way to a charity shop in Hertfordshire. The small ...