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Rare Chinese Vase Found in Pet-Filled Home Sells for $9 Million
Last month, the vase, which dates to the Qianlong dynasty (1735–1799), sold in a Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction for just over $9 million. Per the auction house’s listing, “[T ...

Rare Chinese vases sell for £324k after decades on mantelpiece
A matching pair of rare Chinese vases that an unsuspecting couple had on their mantelpiece for decades have sold at auction for £324,000. The porcelain wall vases were spotted by an antiques expert ...

Matching rare Chinese vases sell for £324,000 after sitting on couple’s mantelpiece for DECADES
A MATCHING pair of rare Chinese vases that an unsuspecting couple had above their fireplace for decades have sold at auction for £324,000. The porcelain wall vases were spotted by an antique ...

A Chinese Vase That Once Sold for $56 Just Fetched $9 Million at Auction
A Chinese vase that sat about collecting dust for half a century just sold for a staggering $9 million on Saturday at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction. The rare 18th-century artifact was discovered in an ...

This $56 Vase Found in Europe Just Sold for $9 Million in a Chinese Art Auction
A Chinese vase, which once sold at an auction for a mere £44 ($56) just sold at auction once again. This time, however, it went for more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars, which equates to about $9 ...

Rare Chinese vases left on couple's mantlepiece sell for £324,000
The porcelain wall vases, dated to the reign of Emperor Qianlong in 18th century China, were spotted by an antiques expert who had been called to the vendors' West London home.

Extraordinary paper art on show in Beijing – clothes, vases, flowers and carpet all made of the stuff
A new exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing takes a look at how paper can be used to create art – from vases to hanging carpets.

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Architects who built temples and sanctuaries in ancient Greece seem to have had access for people with disabilities in mind — thousands of years before such inclusiveness became a concern for modern ...

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Late US scholar ventures deep into Korean traditional painting 'chaekgeori'
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