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Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special under threat for first time as it’s ‘too hard’ to film in pandemic
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Hallmark Channel Christmas In July Schedule: 'Switched For Christmas’ And More Films Airing This Weekend
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‘Last Christmas’ on HBO: Screw You Guys, This Movie Rules
Screw you guys, Last Christmas is a good movie. That’s probably a not-very-Christmas-y way to put that, but given that it’s the middle of July, I think we can do away with holiday niceties. Last ...

Hallmark Just Released Holiday Wines Inspired By Their Christmas Movies
Wine and Hallmark Christmas movies have always gone hand in hand — but this year, Hallmark Channel is making it official. Even though we're still months away from "Countdown to Christmas," Hallmark ...

‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: The Popular Vet’s Children and the Christmas They Won’t Ever Forget
Now on the air on Nat Geo Wild since 2011, The Incredible Dr. Pol shows us life at the veterinarian’s Michigan animal clinic, where it’s never not busy. Viewers get to see the doc’s staff, and from ...

The Hallmark Channel Is Releasing Its Own Christmas Wines to Make Your Spirits Bright
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Radio Stations Around the World Are Attempting to Cheer Up Listeners With Christmas Music
Several disc jockeys agree, and they've decided to skip ahead to December. As Her reports, some radio stations are celebrating Christmas in July with classic holiday music. The idea behind the festive ...

Stranger Things Theory: Season 4 Will Be a Christmas Story
While Netflix has yet to release any news on Season 4 of Stranger Things, it's possible the story of next season could take place at Christmas time.

Pulte scoops up land in Christmas for new homes
Pulte has snatched up more than 130 acres for development in Central #Florida. Where would you like to see new #residentalrealestate? #Orlando #housing #RRE #homes #businessnews #localbusiness @PulteH ...

Adam Eaton unboxing his World Series ring like a kid on Christmas morning is an extremely enjoyable video
The 31-year-old Nationals outfielder morphed into a five-year-old on December 25 when he saw his ring for the first time.