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News for Columbus

One Columbus' Kenny McDonald: 2021 will be 'year of recovery' for Central Ohio economy
"I would suspect we’re going to literally be stronger over time – and quickly versus other places," McDonald said. "We’re going to have better companies and better apparatus to support those companies ...

Columbus offering learning centers, grants to help stem tide of violence
Mayor Andrew Ginther and city officials announced learning centers and a new set of grants for programming to help stop the violence in the city.

Columbus mayor, city council president to speak on safety, violence in city
Mayor Andrew J. Ginther and City Council President Shannon G. Hardin will speak Thursday morning about safety, violence and a spike on homicides in the city. They will joined by ...

'Green energy' group again files petition for Columbus ballot issue to divert $87 million from budget
ProEnergy Ohio LLC again has submitted petitions for a ballot initiative that would transfer $87 million in city money toward green energy programs.

Opinion: A Stamford lesson in history of Columbus
The recent Columbus Day article in this paper (news story, Oct. 10) contained an inaccurate statement, “Columbus led a massive slave trade as well as the slaughter of Indigenous People,” that calls ...

Columbus Crew SC, Ghanaian international defender Jonathan Mensah agree to contract extension
Extension Columbus Crew SC and captain Jonathan Mensah have agreed to a contract extension, the club announced Thursday. The multi-year contract extension was signed using allocation money and will ...

Columbus-area home prices leap 16.5%; smaller towns see even bigger gains
The median price of a central Ohio home jumped 16.5% in September compared to a year ago as demand for homes continues to explode during the coronavirus pandemic. Home buyers paid a median ...

Columbus libraries to spend $500,000 on COVID-19-killing ionization
Columbus Metropolitan Library will spend $500,000 for special air cleaning systems that are supposed to neutralize pathogens including COVID-19 ...

Knights of Columbus announce novena ahead of founder’s beatification
The Knights of Columbus has launched a nine-day novena to prepare for the beatification of the organization's founder, Fr. Michael McGivney, at the end of the month.

How Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center uses Columbus startup Olive's AI-powered bot
Automation software from Columbus-based @Oliveai__ is bringing 5:1 ROI for @OSUWexMed. What will it mean for healthcare jobs?

Tele Columbus, OpenVault Sign Long-Term Deal To Further Boost PŸUR Broadband Experiences In Germany
Under the agreement, Tele Columbus will integrate OpenVault's solutions into networks serving 2,4 million IP-capable households to improve user experiences and optimize broadband network performance.

The Emily Program Announces Residential Treatment Expansion to Columbus, Ohio
The Emily Program, a national leader in eating disorder treatment, announced that it will open two residential programs—one for adolescents and one for adults—in Columbus, Ohio in 2021. With this ...