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3 statement details to consider for your wedding dress
When it comes to what dress you’ll adorn on your big day, it is all about the details — gorgeous buttons, intricate beading, dramatic backs and more. With years of experience helping brides pick out ...

No Amount of Swagger Can Dress Up Pompeo’s Legacy
No Amount of Swagger Can Dress Up Pompeo’s... The most gracious thing one can say about Mike Pompeo’s term as U.S. secretary of state is that it’s finally over. He left on a fitting note, tweeting ...

Jill Biden's white Gabriela Hearst inauguration concert dress was adorned with flowers from every US state
Jill’s dress featured federal flowers from every state and territory of the country and her double-breasted jacket was made of cashmere, along with leather gloves designed by Gabriela Hearst ...

Dress for Success-Black Hills gets a new home at the OneHeart Campus
Dress for Success was previously located in the Rushmore Mall and is now a part of the OneHeart Campus. Dress for Success at OneHeart Campus Their services also include networking, mentoring and ...

Dr. Jill Biden's Inauguration Dress Had Extra Special Meaning
Dr. Jill Biden's dress at President Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony reflected the United States of America in a surprising way.

Kamala Harris Wore a Liquid Sequin Cocktail Dress by Yet Another Emerging Black Designer
After wearing a gorgeous purple Christopher John Rogers outfit to the inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris attended the Celebrating America TV special wearing a chic black ensemble by another ...

Lady Gaga's inauguration dress compared to 'Hunger Games' outfit
Gaga's outfit also featured matching gloves and her jewelry included a large golden dove brooch to symbolize peace and unity. Many fans on Twitter compared her ball gown and accessories to the ...

Jill Biden's Inauguration Evening Dress Featured a Subtle Message of Unity
Dr. Jill Biden sent a message of unity just hours after becoming the first lady. Though the traditional inauguration ball did not happen this year due to COVID-19, Dr. Biden and her husband, President ...

Kate Middleton & Meena Harris Both Love This Chic Vampire's Wife Dress
Thanks to the eagle eye of author Elizabeth Holmes, who called out the twinning moment on her own Instagram story, it was brought to the world’s attention that Harris’ Vampire’s Wife dress was the ...

Biden and Harris dress to reassure that normal service is restored
There were a number of concerns about what might happen at the 59th presidential inauguration, but what Joe Biden would wear was never one of them. With reassuring predictability, he was sworn in as ...

Melania Trump leaves White House in a solemn black suit, arrives in Florida in a psychedelic Gucci dress
Former first lady Melania Trump demonstrated a range of style on inauguration day wearing a psychedelic Gucci dress on her last flight on Air Force One.

Melania Trump departs White House wearing luxury black dress and pumps
Melania Trumps left the White House on Inauguration Day wearing an all-black jacket, dress, sunglasses and tote bag.