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News for Emoji

Here are the 217 Emoji arriving on the iPhone and iPad in 2021
Following the introduction of new emoji as part of the recent launch of iOS 14, attention has turned to a new batch of 217 emoji characters that have been approved by the Unicode Consortium, which ...

New emoji approved to help express the anguish of 2020
A surreal pageant of personal and global tragedies I’m particularly taken by the “face with spiral eyes” emoji, submitted by Google emoji czar Jennifer Daniel. Also known as “face-unwell” (mood), the ...

Minor emoji update for 2021 adds 200 skintone variants for couples
The Unicode Consortium has unveiled a relatively minor emoji update that would still add 217 options to your selection next year. The rest is made up of new skintone grouping variants for the “couple ...

Latest Emoji Update Brings 200 New Skin Tones to Couples Icons
The Unicode Consortium has put together a new Emoji update that’s bringing 200 new skin tones to various existing graphics, mainly focusing on those featuring a couple. The volunteer group says that ...

Emoji 13.1 adds seven new emoji, plus tons of skin tone variations
The Unicode Consortium has announced the finalized lineup of emoji for Emoji 13.1, adding a total of seven new images, as well as a huge number of skin tone variants for couples. These new emoji ...

Emoji 13.1 introduces 217 new emoji characters, coming to devices in 2021
Unicode announced Emoji 13.1 today, introducing the characters that will debut on smartphones later this year. There are 217 emoji in total, with seven new releases and 210 skin tone variants.

Google's newest emoji will set hearts on fire — literally
Android 11 brought one of the most significant Android emoji refreshes since saying bye to the blobs, and now Google has shared some upcoming new emoji ...

Google Shares New Emoji Designs From Unicode 13.1
Google seems all set and ready for the release of new set of emoji for Android, as it shared new emoji designs from Unicode 13.1.

Google shares what Unicode 13.1 emoji on Android will look like [Gallery]
Emoji always serves as a great incentive for people to update their phones. Google has already created its design for new Android emoji ...

An Emoji update in 2021 will give couples more skin tone variations to choose from
Right now, multi-person Emoji are only available in yellow. Next year, you'll be able to choose from more skin tone varieties.

Lawsuit claims Apple appropriated idea for diverse emoji characters
Apple has been hit with a lawsuit claiming that its ethnically diverse emoji characters willfully infringe on existing copyrights.

Netflix's Ratched Launches Twitter Emoji
Ratched follows One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest's Nurse Ratched in her early days, and currently has a 59% critics score and a 78% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. ComicBook.com's own Nicole Drum ...