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Rome's empty streets reveal a tourism industry in crisis
With visitors from America (where coronavirus is raging) banned from Europe, Italy is suffering even further from the economic fallout of the pandemic ...

Eaton on playing in empty stadiums: “We are nothing without our fans”
In a world fighting through the coronavirus pandemic, baseball will begin the season with no fans in the stands. So how important is crowd noise ...

Leaving Airplane Middle Seats Empty Could Cut Coronavirus Risk Almost In Half, A Study Says
A new research paper from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology estimates that blocking out the middle seat on airplanes could cause the likelihood of passengers being infected with coronavirus to ...

‘With Edinburgh empty, we’re seeing our city through tourists’ eyes’
Edinburgh, of all British cities, is the most theatrical: the Cowgate arch; the march of crow-step gables up the Grassmarket; the great rake of the Royal Mile. All the city’s a stage, and all the men ...

What’s on TV Saturday: ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets’ and ‘Unidentified’
Watch through virtual cinemas. This film is neither a documentary nor fiction, but rather an experimental combination of the two. Without giving too much away, it centers on a dive bar called the ...

An End to Empty Seats on Canada’s Airlines
Air Canada and WestJet are no longer putting empty seats between passengers to physically distance them. Some health experts are concerned.

Endless drinks and flowing feelings in genre-bending documentary 'Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets'
Directed by brothers Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross, "Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets" looks at the final night of a dive bar as a makeshift community readies itself to move on.

What's Chase Field like this summer? Empty, quiet and eerie
A glimpse inside the Diamondbacks weird summer camp: masking up, Madbum's red bum and Mike Hazen tracking down foul balls.

The US is reportedly threatening to remove the dollar's peg to the Hong Kong dollar. Here's why that's an empty threat from the Trump administration.
Bloomberg reported this week that the possibility to limit Hong Kong's bank buying US dollars was escalated to Secretary of the State Mike Pompeo.

Trump tries to woo Latino voters, but some see an empty gesture
Many condemned his recent executive order to boost Hispanic opportunities and blasted the Goya CEO and other Trump supporters.

Letters From Summer Camp: White Sox scrimmage in empty park
The South Siders played an intrasquad game in an empty big league park in mid-July, proving that baseball officially has a new normal ...

Baltimore Orioles practice in the empty Oriole Park at Camden Yards | PHOTOS
The Baltimore Orioles play during preseason camp at Oriole Park at Camden Yards Fri., Jul., 10, 2020. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun Staff) ...