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Boston Marathon canceled, replaced by a virtual event
The Boston Marathon was canceled on Thursday for the first time in its 124-year history, with organizers saying it will be replaced by a virtual event. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the ...

John Deere Classic chooses to cancel PGA Tour event
Organizers say holding the John Deere Classic on July 9-12 would present too many obstacles, and it's a better financial decision to cancel.

Coronavirus: Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey and more join Grammys event for essential workers
The Grammys is throwing an event featuring Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Herbie Hancock and Harry Connick, Jr. to honor America's essential workers.

Boston Marathon Canceled, Will Be A Virtual Event Because Of Coronavirus
All participants who were set to run in the event initially slated for April 20 and later pushed back to September 14 will have the opportunity to participate in an online alternative.

2020 Republican convention: RNC sends Gov. Ray Cooper 'safety protocols' for Charlotte event
There is no mention of face masks or social distancing in the letter. which are both currently the state's guidelines.

The Chinese CDC now says the coronavirus didn't jump to people at the Wuhan wet market — instead, it was the site of a super-spreader event
The origin of the new coronavirus still isn't known. But according to the Chinese CDC, it isn't the wet market in Wuhan.

Boston Marathon cancelled and will be held as virtual event
Boston Marathon has been cancelled for the first time in its history, as event organisers confirmed the event would be held virtually.

Senator Graham Joins Trump Campaign Virtual Event
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joins a virtual event held by President Trump's reelection campaign and hosted by Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law and an adviser to the campaign.

City of Meridian holding Trash or Treasure event
In an effort to keep more items out of the landfill, the City of Meridian is hosting the second annual community-wide Trash or Treasure event.

Rebuilding America: 'Life-changing event' of COVID-19 could alter how we work, spend and retire
Americans face a post-COVID-19 future that could include fewer jobs at stores, frugal shoppers and a greater number of people postponing retirement.

Full List Of 2020 State Fair Park Event Cancellations
Many events at State Fair Park have been canceled. Organizers are also keeping a running list 2020 events that are still taking place.

Boston Marathon canceled for first time in its history, will be held as 'virtual event'
The 124th Boston Marathon will now be held virtually following orders from Mayor Martin Walsh (D) to cancel the event due to the COVID-19 outbreak.