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News for Football

Big Ten football reduces season schedule to only conference games, maybe setting stage for others to follow
The Big Ten will play conference-only schedules “based on medical advice” under the caveat that the league is “able to participate in fall sports.” ...

Big Ten canceling non-conference games a sobering moment for college football
College football is a sport that is often drunk — on the drama, on the rivalries, on egos ... and, of course, out at the tailgates. Thursday was a sober day for the sport, the realization that a new ...

Ohio State football shuts down workouts after COVID-19 tests; Maryland preview: Buckeye Talk Podcast
Nathan Baird and Stephen Means react to the news that Ohio State halted all voluntary workouts after multiple athletes tested positive for COVID-19. Also, Emily Giambalvo of the Washington Post joins ...

Top college football matchups we won't see in 2020 after Big Ten's decision to go conference only
Oregon among games canceled after Big Ten announces football teams will play only conference opponents this fall.

Big Ten football reportedly to cut nonleague for 2020, plans to play only conference games
The Big Ten will eliminate nonconference competition and play a conference-only schedule in football and other sports this fall.

Mike Dean, Ryne Rials add experience to new Baldwin County football staff
Toolen and Mary G. Montgomery head coach Mike Dean has been approved as Baldwin County's new defensive coordinator. Ryne Rials, son of head coach Scott Rials, will be the team's offensive coordinator.

Precedent Set: Big Ten Will Only Play Conference Football Games in 2020
The Big Ten announced Thursday that its football teams will play a conference-only schedule. The Big Ten is the first conference to make such a decision, but it's a good bet that others will follow.

Report: Big Ten to Play Conference-Only Football Schedule in Fall of 2020
As long as it is safe to do so, this decision will apply to all fall sports, the conference said in a press release. According to ESPN, if college football can be played this fall, Big Ten ...

Report: Big Ten to Announce Conference-Only Football Schedule amid COVID-19
The Big Ten " is expected to announce" Thursday that it will cut nonconference games from the schedules of its 14 member schools for the 2020 football season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to ...

OSU football: Cowboys' opener against Oregon State in jeopardy
Oklahoma State’s season-opening football game against Oregon State could be in jeopardy. The Pac-12 Conference is expected to announce that it is implementing conference-only schedules for fall sports ...

Big Ten commissioner 'very concerned' about college football
Aside health and safety, the allure of a conference-only season for Big Ten officials was the flexibility that it allows them.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith on college football 2020: “I am concerned we may not be able to play”
The Big Ten announced Thursday it will play conference-only games in 2020, one day after OSU paused voluntary workouts due to multiple COVID-19 tests among its athletes.