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News for Fortnite

‘Fortnite’ Finally Gets A Countdown To A New Live Event, Here’s When It Ends
It’s been quite a while since Fortnite had a countdown to an actual live event, but as of the server’s coming back online after a patch today, that’s changed.

New Fortnite Map Lets You Escape The Beach From M. Night Shyamalan's Old
Players will have to gather resources and craft tools to escape from the idyllic beach. In perhaps the most bizarre twist to come from M. Night Shyamalan, Fortnite players can now try to escape from ...

It looks like Fortnite’s next big event is happening on August 6th
Fortnite ’s next big live event appears to be very close. After the game’s most recent update, a new alien ship can be found hovering over the center of the battle royale island, projecting a clock ...

Fortnite update adds Plasma Cannon and there’s a new UFO in the sky
There's a new IO weapon in Fortnite called the Plasma Cannon, and it's sure to cause build enthusiasts a headache. Fortunately, it's rare.

New Fortnite Timer Counts Down to Next Event
Fortnite players have been graced with yet another tantalizing countdown in the game with a new timer ticking down to the game’s next event. It’s supposed to be a live event, and though players have ...

Fortnite Hotfix 17.21 Adds New Plasma Cannon Weapon
Epic has released Fortnite hotfix 17.21 today, and with it comes a brand-new weapon to the game that will give loopers the firepower of a UFO without a pilot's license via the Plasma Cannon. Alongside ...

Fortnite survey could be hinting at future crossovers that are in the works
A prominent leaker has shared a list of potential future Fortnite crossovers that were included on a recent survey sent out by Epic Games.

Where to get the plasma cannon in Fortnite
Fortnite season 7 has introduced a number of new alien weapons and items, and this week we've got a big addition with some big firepower. The plasma cannon is designed to destroy large areas ("cannon" ...

Fortnite Update Adds a New Mythic Weapon
Fortnite’s got a new Mythic weapon now following the game’s latest update, and while the weapon is indeed a threat to other players, it’s an even bigger problem for any structures that might be in its ...

‘Fortnite’ Is Surveying Future Crossovers: The Witcher, Ted Lasso, Final Fantasy, DBZ, JLo And More
At this point, there are only so many days in the year, and everyone seems down to be doing a Fortnite crossover. As such, Fortnite may have to start being more selective about which collaborations ...

Galaxy Racer partner Arsenal star Aubameyang to host Fortnite tourney
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a big fan of Fortnite and will be lending his name to the event, which is called the Galaxy Racer Aubameyang Cup.

How to Craft the Fortnite Plasma Cannon
A new Fortnite update means a new gun, and this one fits right in with the theme of Season 7. As you know by now, aliens have invaded Fortnite and on top of having flying saucers all over the place, ...