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News for Historic

Sacramento warned of 'possible historic rain' as atmospheric river bears down
Residents in the Sacramento area are being warned of "possible historic rain" by the National Weather Service. "We are forecasting potentially historic rain for Downtown Sacramento," the service's ...

Tom Brady throws 600th career TD, Mike Evans accidentally gives historic ball to a fan
Tom Brady continued to add milestones and history to his already loaded legacy. The former New England Patriots quarterback, who was already the NFL’s career leader in touchdown passes, officially ...

At a historic cemetery for the enslaved, a mother’s personal grief mixes with collective mourning
Before the death of her middle child, before there was a gravestone here with a name she knew dearly, the Rev. Michelle Thomas had built up the African American Burial Ground for the Enslaved as a ...

Forecasters Say California Storm Could Bring 'Historic' Rain
A powerful storm roared ashore in Northern California, flooding highways, toppling trees and and causing mud flows in areas burned bare by recent fires as forecasters predict record-breaking rainfall.

Guerin-teed it was quite a week: Caleb Williams saves Sooners from historic embarrassment
Me stretched out in the back reflecting on the week that was… Caleb Williams didn’t just save another Oklahoma victory when he stole the ball from teammate Kennedy Brooks Saturday, he saved his ...

Michigan football a 4-point favorite for Saturday's historic visit to Michigan State
No. 6 Michigan football is a 4-point favorite for its visit Saturday to East Lansing to face No. 7 Michigan State in a battle of unbeaten rivals.

$2M relocation among options for saving Ann Arbor’s historic West Park bandshell
Ann Arbor’s historic West Park bandshell is in bad shape and city leaders now must decide whether to demolish it or spend about $2 million restoring it. Officials explored various options during a ...

"Sunday Night Football" to be played in potentially historic weather conditions
Unless, of course, you prefer your football to be played sterilized, in a dome, without the influence of weather conditions. A massive storm system is headed into Northern California over the next few ...

An ‘extreme and possible historic atmospheric river’ is battering California
Copious rainfall and many feet of mountain snow are expected in the parched state, causing dangerous mudslides and debris flows.

Golf Expert Provides Report Card on San Diego’s Historic Balboa Park Course
A senior consulting agronomist for the USGA prepared the report card and provided detailed suggestions for improving greens, bunkers and tee boxes. Improvements are already underway.

California storm could bring 'historic' rain, forecasters say
Drenching rain and strong winds accompanied the arrival of an atmospheric river — a long and wide plume of moisture pulled in from the Pacific Ocean.