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White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Resigns
Administration official Alyssa Farah is departing even as President Trump refuses to concede losing the election to Joe Biden.

Farah resigns as White House communications director in tacit nod to Trump’s loss
Alyssa Farah had also served as press secretary for Vice President Pence and at the Pentagon during the administration.

Sean Patrick Maloney elected leader of House Democratic campaign arm
Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York was elected to be the next leader of the House Democratic campaign arm on Thursday, a crucial position after Democrats lost 12 incumbents and now hold a ...

White House communications director Alyssa Farah resigns in final days of Trump administration
Farah's exit signals acknowledgment that the Trump administration will soon end, but the president still is refusing to concede to Biden.

The White House liaison to the Justice Department was banned from the building
The White House liaison to the Justice Department has been barred from entering the building after she attempted to access sensitive information about possible election fraud, CNN has learned.

Sean Patrick Maloney Wins Race to Head House Democrats’ Political Arm
House Democrats selected New York’s Sean Patrick Maloney to lead the caucus through its next campaign cycle, choosing a chairman who represents the types of districts the party will need to win to ...

Llangollen fire death: Man killed in blaze at Denbighshire house
A man in his 70s has died in a fire at a house in Denbighshire. Firefighters were called to the property in Chapel Street in Llangollen just after 20:30 GMT. Crews from Llangollen, Chirk, Johnstown, ...

White House has held multiple pardon meetings since the election
With a rush of pardons expected before President Donald Trump leaves office, the White House has been holding multiple pardon meetings since the election, involving the White House counsel's office ...

White House Communications Boss Exits in Bow to Trump’s Defeat
Alyssa Farah resigned as White House communications director on Thursday, in one of the first high-profile staff departures since President Donald Trump’s loss in the November election.

U.S. Democrats elect Meeks as first Black House foreign affairs chairman
U.S. House of Representatives Democrats elected Greg Meeks on Thursday as the next chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a position in which he is expected to work closely with ...

D.C. slaughterhouse denied historic designation, potentially clearing path for a halfway house
D.C.’s Historic Preservation Review Board denied a historic designation Thursday for a former slaughterhouse building where a federal contractor wants to build a halfway house for 300 men. Core DC ...

Biden taps Deese to head climate-focused White House economic council
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said on Thursday he had selected Brian Deese, who helped lead President Barack Obama's efforts to bail out the automotive industry during the 2009 financial crisis and ...