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News for Iphone

Some iPhone 14 models won’t have 120Hz ProMotion displays, insider says
A well-connected display insider says the iPhone 14 won’t support 120Hz ProMotion refresh rates, as a different report claimed.

Apple’s Largest iPhone 14 Upgrade Leaks Again
This year’s iPhone 14 Pro smartphones will pack a massive camera upgrade according to the latest available information.

Apple's iPhone was world's best-selling smartphone in 2021 holiday quarter
More than a fifth of every smartphone sold in the world in Q4 2021 was an iPhone, according to a new report, but coronavirus and supply chain shortages affected all manufacturers.

Change these iOS 15 settings to get the most out of your iPhone
Whether you received an iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max as a gift or are using an older iPhone model (here's how Apple's phones compare), you can customize your settings to make your ...

Redesigned iPhone SE with 5.7-inch display might launch in 2023
Apple will reportedly announce the iPhone SE+ 5G in March or April, and it will feature a 4.7-inch screen, A15 chip, and 5G support.

New iPhone SE and iPad Air surface in regulatory database
Indications Apple may be preparing the rumored iPhone SE and iPad Air for launch may have surfaced, via new listings found in the Eurasian Economic Commission database.

Apple Tells U.S. Senators Tech Bills Will Harm iPhone Privacy
Apple Inc. warned U.S. senators that bipartisan antitrust legislation aimed at curbing the power of big technology companies would harm the privacy and security of American iPhone users if enacted ...

New Apple Products Revealed in Regulatory Database, Likely Including New iPhone SE and iPad Air
Apple today filed unreleased iPhone and iPad models in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, as spotted by French blog Consomac.

Apple takes back top spot in smartphone market thanks to iPhone 13
Apple took the top spot in the global smartphone market in 2021, thanks to the iPhone 13's success. A new report from Canalys shows that Apple's phones accounted for 22% of smartp ...

Here’s why this simple, minimalistic iPhone case is the best I’ve ever used
There are quite literally thousands of iPhone cases to pick from, but after five months of trying out hundreds of them with a 13 Pro Max, I can confidently say I have a favorite. Totallee’s Hybrid ...

The running belt that Amazon shoppers rave about is on sale for 36% off: ‘Perfect for my iPhone, ID and house keys’
A valid question people who are new to running are likely to ask themselves? Where do I put all my stuff when I’m jogging? An ID, keys and phone are essentials when you’re out, but way too much to ...

The world's largest iPhone factory is offerings $1,500 signing bonuses — more than a month's salary — to lure workers amid China's Omicron lockdowns
The company's sprawling Zhengzhou production site employs more than 300,000 workers and accounts for about half of the world's iPhone production.