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News for Israel

Protests over economy in Israel may turn violent, opposition leader says
Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid said on Thursday protests over the economic slowdown could soon turn violent as restrictions to contain the coronavirus are reimposed and state assistance for the ...

Why Israel is seeing a coronavirus spike after initially crushing the outbreak
Israel's deft handling of its coronavirus outbreak this spring won praise at home and abroad, but the virus has returned, with cases now increasing faster than ever and health officials warning that ...

Abbas tells Putin Palestinians want to negotiate with Israel
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call Wednesday Palestinians are ready to revive peace talks with Israel with help from other countries.

Israel's ministers need to do their job
There should be no shticks or tricks.” ...

A new strategic plan for a shared Israel-Diaspora future
In order to promote a shared vision of the Jewish future, we aim to draft – together with key figures from around the Jewish world – a new Declaration of Jewish Peoplehood.

Israel employs controversial tracking tool to fight surging COVID
A 27-year-old Pilates instructor was walking home from the beach in Jaffa on Saturday afternoon when she got an alarming text message. Accor ...

With a View Toward Iran, Israel Launches Spy Satellite
Israel says it has successfully launched a new spy satellite as its leaders hint that Israel was behind a massive fire at an Iranian nuclear site last week.

Chris Froome leaves Ineos for Israel Start-Up Nation
Chris Froome will leave Team Ineos at the end of the season after signing a multi-year contract at Israel Start-Up Nation. The move was confirmed on Thursday morning with Ineos announcing that Froome ...

Chris Froome to leave Team Ineos and join Israel Start-Up Nation
Britain's most successful cyclist Chris Froome is to leave Team Ineos and join Israel Start-Up Nation. After 10 years and four Tour de France titles won with Sir Dave Brailsford's Ineos (formerly Team ...

Israel public health chief quits amid rise in coronavirus cases
Epidemiologist Siegal Sadetzki says government has ‘lost its bearings’ on tackling pandemic ...

Israel pushes back creation of sovereign wealth fund as gas revenue trickles in
Israel has pushed back the creation of a sovereign wealth fund because tax revenue from natural gas has not yet hit the minimum needed to begin investing, and fund managers have not yet been chosen, ...

Israel central bank's Abir says buying corporate bonds to prevent layoffs
The Bank of Israel's decision to start buying corporate bonds should enable companies to issue debt and prevent further layoffs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, deputy governor Andrew Abir ...