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News for Jamaica

Jamaica suspends use of British royal insignia after anti-racism protests
Jamaica has suspended the use of a badge representing one of the highest British royal honors after anti-racism protesters decried its imagery of a white angel standing on the head of Satan depicted ...

String players grace Black Lives Matter vigil in Jamaica Plain
The musicians gathered with more than 200 Jamaica Plain residents and visitors on the lawn of First Baptist Church for the neighborhood’s monthly Black Lives Matter rally Thursday evening.

Jamaica To Help Small Farmers Enter The Cannabis Industry
Jamaica is making it easier for its small business owners and farmers to enter the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Licensing Authority of Jamaica (CLA) announced in late June ...

5 firefighters injured when truck crashes on way to fire in Jamaica Plain
The firefighters were taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries Thursday afternoon, the department said.

Jamaica, Fourth of July, 1970
Fifty years ago, a few days after the Fourth of July, my older brother Edward shipped off to Vietnam to serve his country. He was 24 and a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Only a few weeks ...

Jamaica's governor-general suspends personal use of royal insignia over 'offending image'
Jamaica's governor-general will no longer wear a royal insignia that depicts the archangel St. Michael trampling Satan, who is drawn with dark skin.

Jamaica's governor-general has boycotted the Queen's honors medal after protesters called it 'racist' and said its imagery resembled the killing of George Floyd
The medal depicts an angel trampling on Satan, however, protesters say it resembles a white person trampling on a Black person.

Jamaica: Relatives insist Latoya was murdered by police
(Jamaica Observer) RELATIVES of Latoya Monte, the 34-year-old woman who was fatally shot during an alleged confrontation with the police moments after 6:00 pm on Monday in the Kingston 10 area, are ...

Study on Shock-Responsive Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean - Jamaica case study
English Analysis on Jamaica about Coordination, Disaster Management and more; published on 30 Apr 2020 by OPM and WFP ...

Jamaica North Trail to close for 80 days beginning July 6
The Jamaica North Trail between Old Cheney Road and South 14th Street will be closed for construction for 80 days starting Monday, according to the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department.

The United States Hands Over Emergency Equipment to the Government of Jamaica in Response to COVID-19
English News and Press Release on Jamaica about Contributions, Health, Epidemic and more; published on 01 Jul 2020 by USAID ...