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News for Police Badge

Knox teen with fake badge and real police car suspected of impersonating an officer
Knox teen with fake badge and real police car suspected of impersonating an officer Bell's arrest followed several reports of someone in a white Ford Crown Victoria attempting to stop other drivers.

Chicago police retire badges of 3 fallen officers: ‘Seeing his badge in there, it’s still surreal’
If there’s a one thing that’s bittersweet for Chicago police Officer Miguel Guerrero about the killing of his former partner, Samuel Jimenez, it’s that the fallen officer’s badge number won’t be ...

Watertown police: Armed man, 88, threatened to shoot nephew at his job
Daniel Cashman of Oldham Avenue in Waterbury showed employees at a construction company what appeared to be a police badge and tapped his holstered gun as he explained that he only wanted to shoot his ...

Man allegedly flashes dad’s badge, pretends to be retired N.J. cop when talking to police officer
A Warren County man is accused of using his father’s police badge to pretend to be a retired New Jersey officer, authorities in Northampton County say. Thomas Conroy Jr., 61, allegedly showed a ...

Armed Elderly Man Goes to Nephew's Job in Watertown, Threatens Him: Police
Employees said Cashman showed them what appeared to be a police badge and proceeded to explain that his nephew stole some items from him including two suits, a cane and damaged his cuckoo clock.

Five Burger King employees were fired for drawing a cartoon pig on a police officer's order
Someone had taken a sharpie and drawn a pig with large eyes and a police badge wrapper. Then, when he opened the burger, Rosenthal noticed it was burned. Rosenthal took to Facebook to share his ...

Police say man stole badge belonging to FBI agent
TAVARES, Fla. (FOX 35 ORLANDO) - The Tavares Police Department needs your help finding a man who stole an FBI agent’s credit card and his FBI credentials, including his badge. Police said the suspect ...

FBI agent’s badge, credentials, credit card stolen in Tavares, police seek man who used the plastic at Family Dollar
Tavares police are searching for a man they believe stole items from an FBI agent’s truck including his badge and a credit card, which was used to make purchases last week at a Family Dollar store in ...

Police issue warning over increase in phone scams in Fort Lauderdale
Police say the scammers also use names and badge numbers of department employees. Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim to a phone scam: The calls are often unexpected. Do not hesitate to ask ...

Campus Shooting | 13-Year-Old Leads Police On Chase | LA Today
In a rebuke to Sheriff Villanueva, a judge ordered a deputy rehired after facing domestic violence claims to surrender his badge. Police chased a young boy through Los Angeles in a wild pursuit ...

Greeley police officer Michael Lohman awarded Congressional Badge of Bravery
A Greeley police officer was honored Thursday for bravery in the line of duty following a 2017 incident that was more akin to a Hollywood movie script than a typical night patrolling a college campus.

88-year-old Waterbury man accused of trying to shoot nephew who damaged his cuckoo clock, police say
An employee told police Cashman showed a police badge and said that the man stole two of his suits and a cane and damaged his cuckoo clock. The employee said Cashman then started to tap the gun, which ...