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U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame: Bios of female Olympian inductees
She later became a practicing surgeon for 23 years, a faculty member at Harvard and served as vice president of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Ashford was a five-time medalist (four gold), the U.S. flag ...

Match of the Day: Dennis Koslowski defeats two-time Olympic champion Andrzej Wronski at the 1992 Olympic Games
Olympic Games in Barcelona, Dennis Koslowski made history by becoming the first American to win two Olympic medals in Greco-Roman. To this day, Rulon Gardner is the only other American to accomplish ...

Match of the Day: Michial Foy defeats Olympic champion Atanas Komchev at the 1989 World Championships
World Championships, Michial Foy pulled a stunning upset in thrilling fashion over the 1988 Olympic champion Atanas Komtshev of Bulgaria. In addition to his Olympic gold, Komtshev was a three-time ...

Missing the Olympics? Relieve the pain by remembering these North Carolina greats | Raleigh News & Observer
With the Opening Ceremony rescheduled for July 23, 2021, those who look forward to the Games might be missing their thrill. Although this list is not comprehensive, the best way to relive Olympics ...

Former Olympic cyclist Lienhart banned for helping son dope
Doping Legal Committee said Tuesday that the 60-year-old Lienhart supplied his son with EPO, genotropine and testosterone between December 2018 and March 2019. The committee also said that Lienhart ...

That Almost Apology for the 1980 Olympic Boycott Helps. A Little.
In the past 40 years, the would-be Olympians of the summer of 1980 have heard a lot of words, but not a full-throated mea culpa for a boycott that accomplished very little.

Olympic flame still flickers in wrestler Gene Mills 40 years after 1980 boycott (video)
The former Syracuse University great was a member of the 1980 team that president Jimmy Carter forced to the sidelines.

Former Olympic cyclist banned 10 years after supplying son with illegal performance-enhancing substances
Johann Lienhart, a former cyclist, was banned for 10 years after giving his son, Florian, illegal performance-enhancing substances, according to The Associated Press.

Ex-Olympic cyclist Johann Lienhart banned after providing son with performance-enhancing drugs
Austrian cyclist Johann Lienhart, who competed at three Olympics, was banned 10 years for providing triathlete son with performance-enhancing drugs.

Antwerp 1920 Olympics haunted by war and flu pandemic
When the Olympic Games resumed after World War I, the event was not designed to escape the horrors of war. The Anwtwerp Games were used to remember. Belgium hosted after being ...

Former Olympic Cyclist Johann Lienhart Banned for Providing Son with PEDs
Former cyclist Johann Lienhart has been banned for 10 years after providing his son, Florian Lienhart, with illegal performance-enhancing substances, according to the Associated Press (via USA Today ...

Official 1968 Mexico City Olympics torch sells for $41K at auction
Mexico City Olympics torch sold for $41,786 at auction as part of a sale of Olympics gear that also included gold medals from various games from 1908 to 1988. The museum-quality torch was notable ...