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News for 1988 Olympic

The Olympics have always been a platform for protest. Banning hand gestures and kneeling ignores their history
The Olympic movement has always claimed to be a ... Instead, O'Connor climbed the flag pole and waved the Irish flag. 1964–1988: The ban on apartheid-era South Africa In the face of multiple ...

The athletic streak that Tiger Woods is most impressed by might surprise you
David MadisonSEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - SEPTEMBER 1988: Edwin Moses #1114 (USA) competes in the Men's 400m hurdle event of the 1988 Olympic Games held in September 1988 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in ...

Olympic Diver Greg Louganis on Turning 60, Pushing Through ‘Rough’ Times — and Fitting Back Into His Speedo
RELATED: Greg Louganis: How I Found My Birth Mother Turns out, Louganis — who has been happily married to paralegal Johnny Chaillot, 58, since 2013 — has done plenty since becoming the first diver to ...

Banning protests at the Olympics ignores the games’ history
The Olympics are an international gathering ... Instead, O’Connor climbed the flag pole and waved the Irish flag. 1964–1988: The ban on apartheid-era South Africa In the face of multiple ...

Tokyo 2020: Here are N.J.’s Olympic hopefuls with competition 6 months away
The 2020 Summer Olympics will begin in six months in Tokyo ... She currently holds the U.S. Record in the 800-meter run with a time of 1:55.61, looking to earn the first medal in the event for a U.S.

Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis Opens Up About Coping with Depression and Making the Most of Hard Times
When Olympic athlete Greg Louganis slammed his head into a diving board in Seoul, South Korea, during the 1988 Summer Olympics, he thought the only injury he sustained was a gash. “It was ...

Relay coach Galina Bukharina on Indian athletes, Tokyo Olympics, and much more
Part of the Soviet Union women’s 4x100m bronze-winning team at the 1968 Olympics, she was more successful from the touchline. Apart from many laurels with the University of Texas in the US, Galina ...

Mani Cooper: Britain's first female Olympic ski jumper sets sights on Beijing 2022
Think of British ski jumping and one name immediately springs to mind - Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards. It is 32 years since the plasterer from Gloucester captured hearts at the 1988 Winter Olympics with ...

Estonian figure skater Levandi follows family winter Olympic tradition
Arlet Levandi (EST) was on the ice before he was born, his heavily pregnant mother coaching until the day before his birth. Two months later, the youngest son of Winter Olympians, infant Arlet was ...

Could North Korea co-host the 2032 Olympics? South Korea’s Moon is still a believer.
The Olympic movement has strayed into worrisome territory before ... there are calls to boycott China’s 2022 Winter Games over Beijing’s mass incarcerations of Uighurs from its mostly-Muslim west.

Oguk, Kenya’s hockey legend of 1968 Olympics, was rare talent
Kenya’s hockey legend Parmindar Saini “Kake” who played alongside Oguk in the 1988 Summer Olympics stated: “He was an aggressive player who made big contribution to Simba Club’s success and the ...

Salzgeber adds Youth Olympic gold to family trophy cabinet
The 17-year-old is the daughter of Calgary 1988 combined champion Anita Wachter and the 1993 ... “I look up to [Kjetil] Jansrud [Norway’s five-time Alpline skiing Olympic medallist] and it feels ...