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News for Writing Pens

Pelosi’s Impeachment Pens Aren’t 18-Karat Gold
Some of the posts say the pens: None of that is true. The pens are made by Garland Writing Instruments in Coventry, Rhode Island. The suggested retail price per pen is about $20, but it varies ...

The Year Of The Rat: Writing Instruments To Celebrate Chinese New Year
Geneva-based Caran d’Ache is introducing the Year of the Rat limited edition fountain pen, which is a worthy representation of the brand’s artisanship in Chinese lacquer work.

Best Fountain Pen for Your Desk
When it comes to the look of the letter, nothing is more distinguished than writing that came from a fountain pen. A fountain pen just has a touch of class that shows people this was important. Even ...

Write Now! Fab Pens & Journals to Celebrate National Handwriting Day
These cute thank you note cards from Shutterfly offer a multitude of options to express your appreciation in accordance with your personal style, so find a set that speaks to you, and start writing ...

Pen-t up anger: Republicans pounce on Pelosi over ceremonial writing tools
Republicans have found a new reason to be furious with Nancy Pelosi: she uses too many pens. The House speaker sparked the opposing party’s ire on Wednesday when she used a remarkable number of ...

Elkos Pens Limited at Paperworld 2020
Kolkata, India, January 24, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Elkos Pens, the leading manufacturer of writing instruments from India will be at the Paperworld in Messe Frankfurt, Germany from January 25-28, 2020, ...

Penguins, pen pals and peninsulas: Teacher brings Antarctica to her pupils
Turney’s classroom has become a hub of math, science, writing and social studies lessons tied together by land mass discovered by humans just two centuries ago. Even before she left, her students ...

Come, and bring a pen: Applications are open for the International Writing Program, Iowa City
Last summer, 30 literary-minded young people from India, Pakistan and the U.S. met in the heart of the American Midwest, in Iowa City, the birthplace of the creative writing workshop, to participate ...

The Enemies of Writing
A mere detached sliver of a writing self, always vulnerable to being punished for your independence by one group or another, or, even worse, ignored. In 2015, PEN America, an organization I belong to ...

Digital Writing Instruments Market to Register Steady Growth During 2026
People are making use of digital writing instruments so as to operate several gadgets, be it smartphones, laptop, or PC. There are basically two different types of instruments that are available to ...

Grab A Pen: Six Creative Ways To Celebrate National Handwriting Day
Here are a few creative ways to celebrate National Handwriting Day and connect with one of our most foundational skills: written communication.

Nina Raine To Pen ‘Tender Is The Night’ Limited Series Adaptation For Hulu
Raine’s theatre writing credits include Consent, which played to critical acclaim at the National Theater in London and Tribes, the Drama Desk and Olivier Award winner at the National Theatre. She’s ...