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Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver and Turquoise Three Piece Belt Buckle Set
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News for Ethnic, Regional & Tribal

The Middle East: Tribal Culture and Premodern States
. The Middle East is a place where doing harm and being cruel to others is regarded as a virtue and a duty. Middle Easterners see their world as a zero-sum game in which there are winners and losers.

Probe into stock theft, perennial tribal clashes narrows to 40 suspects
Rift Valley Regional Criminal Investigations Officer Festus Malinge said the suspects will record statements as probe continue into possible triggers of tribal skirmishes between ... a battle ground ...

SANDAG Commits $200,000 for Regional Planning with Tribal Nations
The 17 sovereign domestic nations in San Diego are from four cultural/ethnic groups ... SANDAG met with the SCTCA for the San Diego Regional Tribal Summit as part of the tribal consultation ...

At least 80 killed in Ethiopia protests over singer's death
The military was deployed in the Ethiopian capital on Wednesday, as armed gangs roamed neighborhoods in a second day of unrest that has claimed more than 80 lives and deepened political divisions in ...

Forgive Volta NDC Chairman for divisive comments – Volta Minister
Let’s all forgive our brother, Mr. Ametefe the Volta NDC Chairman for his divisive comments. I am sure it was in the heat of a political talk,” the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa has ...

Full text of Fifi Kwetey’s speech: Defy intimidation and register to kick oppressive, desperate NPP government of tribal bigots get out of power
To keep this beloved country united, Kwame Nkrumah had to pass the Avoidance of Discrimination Act, in 1957 to outlaw political parties based on regional, ethnic or religious differences. Where were ...

Fifi Kwetey's full speech on Military deployment in Volta Region
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen of the media for responding to our invitation. Through your esteemed media, we wish to convey to our fellow countrymen the grave danger we see looming over our ...

Spanish colonial monuments fuel race strife in US Southwest
Statues of Spanish conquistador Don Juan de Oñate are now in storage after demonstrators in New Mexico threatened to topple them. Protesters in California have ...

Squaw Valley to discuss removing slur against Native Americans from California resort’s name
More than 100 places across California have “squaw” in their official name. The word shows up on maps attached to creeks, rocks, and gulches.