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News for Other Tea Pots & Tea Sets

John Colson: Tempest in Aspen’s teapot, ironically spiced after councilman’s rant
I noted with interest the latest tempest in Aspen’s political teapot, prompted by an Instagram video created ... declaring City Council members are supposed to set a good example for the public by ...

British conductor brings baton to Nelson's Teapot Valley Summer School
Parry wears many hats when it comes to music, including composer, singer, arranger and producer, but it's his conductor baton which brings him to Nelson for the Teapot Valley Summer School choir. The ...

You Can Now Buy the Teapot Jim Gave Pam in The Office
Hot Topic The set comes with two microwave-safe ceramic mugs that are decorated with the cassette tape and hot sauce packet Jim hid inside the teapot during the "Christmas Party" episode from ...

Teapot Is A Reminder Of The Remarkable 1922 Rose Bowl Game
NPR's Richard Harris has this audio ... she walked into her living room and came back with a white teapot festooned with a blue floral pattern. TINA GUNSALUS: It's a teapot that was given as part of ...

Best Teapot in 2019
Other teapots often place the tea basket at the top of the pot ... That was the motivation behind the purchase of this handmade gongfu tea set from OMyTea. Today, it goes with me everywhere. Available ...

The Teapot that Saved the World: Art Activism by Ceramist Richard Notkin
genocide and destruction – in other words, the less-than-savory aspects of human existence. As an artist Notkin’s had quite the career. His reliefs, teapots and tea sets have exhibited world wide, ...

Treasures: Charming tea set ought to be kept, but not sold
Other desirable novelty teapots include a World War I-style tank with an "Old ... should keep her grandmother's tea set because if she were to try and sell it she might receive as little as $50 for it ...

Cracked teapot purchased for $20 sells at auction for $806,000
The teapot was made in South Carolina in the 1760s by John Bartlam, the first known porcelain manufacturer to set up shop in the United States ... the auction house Woolley & Wallis said, with the ...

Not your grandma’s teapots and teacups
If you’re going to sell your teapots, don’t make tea in them. Visit new boutique shops, different types of antique shops, craft and antique shows, such as toy shows and doll shows. These shows may ...

We should all play tea party
I have the very good fortune to work at a job where, on many days, I get to play. I am the director of education at a museum that is visited by lots of elementary school students. One of our programs, ...

Paul Loebach creates tea set with laboratory glass
"I was approached by a manufacturer to design an affordable mass-produced teapot using a particular factory that specialised in laboratory glass," Loebach told Dezeen ... associations," said Loebach.