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News for Animals

Fish can judge distances accurately just like land animals can
Triggerfish have an impressive ability to estimate how far they have swum, and scientists think that understanding this may shed light on the how all animals with a backbone evolved the ability to ...

Can circuses ‘force’ animals to perform tricks? Charlotte City Council to decide
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Town’s health director indicted on charges he allowed over 300 animals to be euthanized prematurely
Hamilton Township’s health director was indicted Wednesday on animal cruelty and official misconduct charges after an investigation this year accused him of allowing over 300 animals at the township ...

No monkey business allowed: Creve Coeur gives resident deadline to move animals
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The snowy weather has brought some fun to many animals around the world
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Is it ethical to keep pets and other animals? It depends on where you keep them
But a full life requires more than basic survival, so I propose some new rights for animals in my book. Perhaps most importantly, I argue that animals need a “right of place” – that is, access to ...

Smith: Early cold and snow may be disruptive to us, but animals have it all figured out
It's impossible to know whether wild animals perceive an aberration in weather as extraordinary or if they just deal with it. This much was clear Monday morning in southern Wisconsin: As a strong low ...

How we plan for animals in emergencies
The good news is there are already disaster management plans for animals in some states in Australia. Knowing about these plans can help you reduce the risk to your loved ones – human and otherwise.

Kate Upton faces backlash for partnership with Canada Goose: 'This company literally kills animals'
“Supporting a cause for animal welfare while supporting a brand made of mostly animals,” one person commented, while another said, “This company literally kills animals for fashion,” referring to ...

Broward County Fair 2019: 150 rides and attractions at Gulfstream Park but still no live farm animals
Farm animals aren’t allowed, says spokesman David Faber, after the city of Hallandale Beach passed tougher restrictions on live-animal displays in September. The fair will kick off at 5 p.m. Nov. 15 ...

The Indiana Jones of Biology Searches for Animals Thought to Be Extinct ... and Often Gets Bitten in the Process.
Ever misplace your car keys? Forrest Galante might be the guy you want to call. The biologist and adventurer has carved out a very unique niche for himself in the world of conservation: He scours the ...

Comical Wild Animals: The Winners Of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019
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