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Dragon Ball Super: 10 Gods Of Destruction Cosplay Every Fan Should See
This Beerus cosplay is more akin to a fursuit than any other on this list and it's not a bad decision given the character. The apparent fuzziness of the head plays off well, as does the rest of the ...

Pokemon Fan Wows with Epic Groudon Cosplay
from r/pokemon You can see this cosplay includes moveable arms which the fan inside can control. The massive outfit shows off the monster's white claws, intricate black marks, and vibrant red armor.

Naruto: 10 Gaara Fan Art Pieces to Check Out
Naruto can manifest the Fox's power via a chakra cloak and his fangs and claws, while Gaara can morph partway into the Shukaku. It's terrifying to behold, and Naruto saw it first-hand. RELATED: Naruto ...

Stop_Button arcade + bar in Hope Mills has something for everyone
And gaming competitions, trivia nights, karaoke and cosplay. And you can purchase local ... tasty themed cocktails and even the meme-friendly White Claw Hard Seltzer, and you’ve got a smart ...

Guest Blog: Jellicle Fans Come Out At Midnight - The Rise of Rowdy Cats
By the time the film was getting ready to release mid-December 2019, I was nearly scared away from even seeing it due to the initial poor reactions from press and the fact that the film was being ...

How To Dress Like The Eleventh Doctor
Not least of which is the word “cosplay,” which some of us thought was a badly-spelled ... Then all you need is that fez, a sonic screwdriver that looks like a metal claw holding up an emerald and a ...

Cyberpunk 2077 News Wraiths, Takemura & Michiko Arasaka Kazuliski
Cyberpunk 2077 News Takemura & Tyger Claws Kazuliski In other Cyberpunk ... The finalists of the cosplay contest were revealed. Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Finalists Kazuliski David Nakayama produced ...

Windows 8
Women wearing cosplay outfits distribute paper bags promoting ... Once the world's biggest technology company, Microsoft is looking to claw back market share lost to Apple, Amazon and Google.

My Hero Academia Cosplay Unleashes The Fury Of Dragoon Hero Ryukyu
The fourth season of My Hero Academia didn't just do a great job of introducing us to a series of new villains in the form of Overhaul and the Eight Bullets within the criminal organization known ...

Amazing Mechanical Linkages And The Software To Design Them
We’ve actually secretly featured [rectorsquid]’s Linkage software before, in this writeup of some amazing cosplay animatronic wings that used the program for their design. But we really don ...

THEY EXIST: Wolverine Claws Corn On The Cob Holders
Yes, they exist! Gamestop just added these Wolverine claws corn on the cob holders to its online store, and if you’re a fan of the x-men franchise and of corn on the cob, they’re a must-have!

Razzie Awards 2020 Nominations: Full List of Nominees for the 40th Golden Raspberry Awards
Just two days before the Oscars are announced, the Razzies have splattered green Rottenness all over awards season with the announcement of the nominations for the 40th Golden Raspberry Awards. The ...