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Here's what TransLink plans for snow this winter
Trucks will spray de-icing fluid around the entire 300-km electric trolley overhead system when there’s frost or ice risk. • Switch-outs: Articulated buses can be switched for conventional buses, ...

Trolley celebration to be held Saturday
The trolleys being returned to service were built in 1922, 1947 and 1982. Johnstown Traction Co. car 311 was constructed in 1922, for service in Bangor, Maine, and was sold to Johnstown Traction Co.

A trolley-car cigar bar will soon open in downtown Norfolk — perhaps the only one in the country
an eyesore of an idea that didn’t get much traction. “Then I was like,’You know what would be cool?’ And I kind of just threw it out there: I was like, ‘What if maybe a train car, because of the light ...

Junction makes deal for No. 429 streetcar
It was known in its heyday as Union Traction's No. 429 and frequented the city in the 1920s and 1930s, shuttling passengers throughout Indiana in the era before the interstate highway system. That ...

Histories & Mysteries: Area traction companies lay down their tracks, capitalize off of burgeoning 'trolley parks'
One of the very first subjects that I ever researched for Histories & Mysteries was the Beaver Valley Traction Co., our county’s streetcar provider between 1891 and 1937. I’ve always been intrigued by ...

Runaway Trolley Down West Orange Mountainside Marks 113th Anniversary
The Orange Mountain Traction Company ultimately decided that no profit existed in operating a cable railroad. It shifted focus on converting to more versatile trolleys powered by overhead wires, which ...

Electric Traction System Market to witness Massive Growth | ABB, Delphi Automotive LLP, Siemens AG, Voith GmbH
Electrical traction is defined as the system that uses electrical power for traction system such as railway, trams, and trolleys. Furthermore, electric traction means locomotion in which the driving ...

Get on Board! Yakima Valley Trolleys
Stepping aboard the Selah trolley car was like stepping inside a time machine ... to sell stock to build the streetcar line and established the Yakima Inter-Valley Traction Company. However, stock ...

The last days of Teesside's trolley buses - take a journey back into the past
It shows some of the last ever journeys carried out by the vehicles of the Teesside Rail-less Traction Board - later Teesside Municipal Transport - trolley buses back in the very early 70s, including ...

Thanks to volunteers and donations, Fox trolley museum's vandalized cars getting fixed and guarded
It was renamed the Fox River Trolley Museum in 1984. The Fox River rail line dates to 1896. It was part of the Elgin, Aurora and Southern Traction Co. and ran about 40 miles along the Fox River from ...

Found: A Historic Trolley Hidden Inside a House
where it was part of the once-extensive trolley system operated by the Trenton & Mercer County Traction Company,* according to William “Captain Bill” McKelvey, director of Liberty Historic Railway, a ...

Bygone Muncie: The Muncie Streetcar Riot of 1908, Part 1
The trolley was running shoddily that morning because the replacement crew operating the car had not the slightest idea as to what they were doing. The situation was similar with all Indiana Union ...