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Ahmaud Arbery case: GBI brings drones, special cameras to neighborhood where killing took place
Crime scene techs with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation returned Wednesday to the neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down while jogging.

Coronavirus: drones used to enforce lockdown pose a real threat to our civil liberties
In China and India, drones are used to disinfect public spaces. They can even counter the boredom of social isolation by carrying cameras that give us a glimpse of our empty cities and beauty spots.

Meghan & Harry Contact LAPD After Drones Fly over Their California Home
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have reported several drone incidents to the Los Angeles Police Department. The Daily Beast revealed that the royals have contacted LAPD’s nonemergency line on a number ...

Iran's 2019 Drone Shootdown Showed That Air Force Surveillance Must Become More Survivable
The Air Force for one knows it has a problem. In late 2018 the flying branch published a new ISR strategy that called for more survivable vehicles.

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Drone video shows devastation in Minneapolis in wake of violent protests
Homes and businesses go up in smoke during unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call cops over drones flying over home
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have complained to police about drones flying over their new Los Angeles home — fearing it could be a “terror threat,” according to a report. This month alone, the ...

Fearful Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Report Multiple Drone Flybys to LAPD, Will Now Pay for Own Security
Harry and Meghan have reported multiple drone incidents at their home to the cops, The Daily Beast has learned. They intend to hire their own security team, paid for by themselves.

Digital Global Systems Announces CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management System Selected At Bristol (UK) Airport
In collaboration with deployment partners, Telent and Airpoint International, DGS announces the successful trial of its CLEARSKY™ Drone ...

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Drone footage shows devastation in Minneapolis in wake of violent protests
A drone captured the flaming devastation left behind in Minneapolis when protests decrying the death of George Floydwhile in police custody turned violent Wednesday night into Thursday morning.