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News for 1970

Forgotten Plays: No 6 – Occupations (1970) by Trevor Griffiths
The collapse of the 1968 protests left this incisive political dramatist searching for answers – and his response delved brilliantly into the dilemmas of revolution ...

From The Past Pages Of Dawn: 1970: Fifty Years Ago: Governor visits victims
Gen Rakhman Gul, Governor of Sind, yesterday ordered payment of compensation for persons who died during the rains in City on Saturday [July 4]. The Provincial Governor communicated the decision to ...

They Marched in America’s First Prides in 1970. They’re Still Out, Loud, and Proud.
America’s first Pride marches were held in 1970 in New York, L.A, San Francisco, and Chicago. Organizers and participants recall the post-Stonewall power of being seen and heard.

1970: Remembering the ‘Syracuse 8,’ the SU football players who risked their playing careers for change
The decision by nine Black Syracuse University football players to boycott spring practice would later bring sweeping change to the school's football program.

1970: Women to be admitted as ministers
With an overwhelming voice vote and much applause, delegates to the Lutheran Church in America (LCA) convention shattered traditions and moved to admit women as ministers. The LCA has 3.3 million ...

Jamaica, Fourth of July, 1970
Fifty years ago, a few days after the Fourth of July, my older brother Edward shipped off to Vietnam to serve his country. He was 24 and a second lieutenant in the United States Army. Only a few weeks ...

'World changed' during school days for West High class of 1970
While we were sitting in a classroom on Sutherland Avenue, the world changed before us,” recalls Dennis Owen. “It was a volatile time.” ...

Rockin' The Riverfront: Cincinnati Reds roll over the rest of the National League in 1970
The hot start reached its apex on July 26 in a 12-5 win over St. Louis at Riverfront Stadium that pushed Cincinnati’s record to an incredible 70-30.

1970: TWA to have a no-smoking section
Trans World Airlines now has a no-smoking section aboard every airplane in its fleet. TWA is the first airline to establish a no-smoking section. Hubert H. Humphrey was sworn in as mayor of ...

Barn Find 1970 Dodge Challenger Project Begs To Be Restored
Classic Auto Mall had another 'Cuda project car, and now the classic car dealership has a numbers-matching 1970 Dodge Challenger barn find listed for sale. Marking the first production year of the ...

1,650-HP Carbon Fiber 1970 Dodge Charger Is Propelled By A Boat Racing Engine
A vintage Dodge Charger will cost you a pretty penny, especially if you're ready to drop some serious dough on one in mint condition or a survivor car with numbers-matching everything. If you have ...

Maplewood Class Of 1970 Makes Video For Class Of 2020
What perspective can the teenagers of the 1960s give to 18-year-olds graduating from high school during a pandemic? There are similarities.