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Gannett adopts 'poison pill' to preserve tax benefits
Gannett announced Tuesday that its board had implemented a plan to ensure that the company maintains access to about $435 million in tax benefits.

N.J. poison hotline is now a coronavirus lifeline and it’s been ringing off the hook
A panicked parent calls the number and a calm, steady voice on the other line answers. The half-dozen medical experts sitting in a call center in Newark are used to getting questions about kids ...

Birds of Prey 2 May Give Us a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Relationship
Specifically, Yan wants to bring Poison Ivy into the fold, a character that we have yet to see in the DCEU, but one that has been long rumored and seems like an eventuality. The question is, could a ...

"You can poison people and get away with it": Green New Deal co-author on poverty and climate crisis
"There's a term called 'sacrifice zone'," she said. "It just highlights the fact that there are places in our country and really in the world where you can poison people and get away with it because ...

Takeover Targets Get Wiggle Room for Poison Pills in Pandemic
Vulnerable companies adopting so-called poison pills to thwart hostile takeovers and discounted stake purchases are getting a temporary reprieve from one of the sharpest critics of such shareholder ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel owner adopts 'poison pill' as stock skids to all-time low
Less than five months after the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s owner was sold to the owner of GateHouse Media, the stock market has almost entirely lost faith in the combined company’s prospects, but ...

U.S. Poison Control Centers Report Surge In Hydroxychloroquine Misuse
2020 in London, United Kingdom. Topline: Since President Donald Trump first mentioned the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine at a press briefing on March 19, U.S. poison centers across the country ...

Kentucky Poison Control Center gets more state money to handle flood of COVID-19 calls
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — On the afternoon of March 7, Gov. Andy Beshear announced a new hotline for people with questions about the coronavirus pandemic, operated through the Kentucky Poison Control Center.

'Birds of Prey' director says sequel could feature Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy romance
Birds of Prey movie isn't confirmed just yet, but director Cathy Yan is already dreaming up scenarios for a sequel.

Its Not the Time to Fight Over Poison Pills
Management needs flexibility now to take the extraordinary actions required by this crisis. Anti-takeover measures, including the “poison pill” shareholder-rights plan, protect management from outside ...

Gannett adopts poison pill, stock soars after closing at record low
USA Today publisher Gannett Co. Inc. gci said Tuesday it has adopted a shareholder rights plan, also known as a poison pill, to preserve and protect its tax loss carryforwards from a change in control ...

Poison pills don’t always taste so bitter
Boards sometimes use these defenses to deflect activists or unwanted bidders. Restaurant chain Dave & Buster’s may have found a less suspect use. Its pill could help it get raider KKR to buy shares ...