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Manga Legend Junji Ito Talks Making Horror, Adapting It, and Cats
Uzumaki. Tomie. The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Gyo. You may not recognize the names immediately, but no doubt you’ve seen the haunting works of Junji Ito plastered all over the internet. His incredible, ...

act-age Manga Writer Tatsuya Matsuki Formally Indicted for 2nd Indecent Act
The Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office filed a formal indictment on Wednesday against act-age manga writer Tatsuya Matsuki over a second indecent act. The indictment is specifically for the second of ...

Yu Yu Hakusho: 10 Ways The Anime Is Different From The Manga
Anime tend to make some serious changed when it comes to their on-screen adaptations, but just how did Yu Yu Hakusho change from the source material?

Kei Toume's Kurogane Kai Manga Ends on October 21
The manga is a revival of Toume's earlier Kurogane manga. Del Rey published the first manga in English, and it describes the story: Torn to pieces by a pack of dogs, Jintetsu's ravaged body has been ...

Fly Me to the Moon is a romance manga where they get married in the first volume
Fly Me to the Moon, published in Weekly Shonen Sunday, is the comedic romance manga that skips past all the filler and build-up and dives straight into the relationship. The first volume of the ...

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Changes Made To Joey In The Anime From The Manga
While he might not be the king of games in the anime or manga, Joey Wheeler deserves all the praise he gets in Yu-Gi-Oh!

My Broken Mariko: Yen Press to Publish New Josei Manga
Yen Press announced the imminent publication of My Broken Mariko, an emotional new manga about a close friendship between two young women and the ...

Moriarty the Patriot: Viz Media Unveils Sherlock Holmes Spinoff Manga
Viz Media announced the upcoming publication of Moriarty the Patriot Volume 1, a manga that offers not just an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories, ...

Burn The Witch Manga to Continue with 'Season Two' Sequel
It was there fans were told a second season of Burn the Witch is being planned by Kubo. However, this season refers to the manga rather than the anime which is slated to debut this year. Currently, ...

One Piece Is Getting A Spin-off Manga
Debuting in 1997, One Piece has gone on to become the most successful manga ever. And this year, it’s getting a spin-off.

‘Tezuka’s Barbara’ Review: Erotic Manga Adaptation Is Visually Striking but Emotionally Undercooked
Based on a ’70s manga by Japanese master Osamu Tezuka, a bored writer’s affair with his beguiling young muse gets the live-action treatment in “Tezuka’s Barbara.” Primarily concerned ...

Dragon Ball Super: Everything We Learned From Manga Chapter 64 Preview
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 64 "Son Goku, the Galactic Patrolman" Draft Pages Jaco wonders if Merus is really dead. Goku is trying to be calm. Beerus & Whis wonder if Goku can control his emotions ...