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'SARS-like damage' seen in dead coronavirus patient in China, report says
A lung biopsy found that a man who died in China from the new coronavirus last month had lung damage reminiscent of two prior coronavirus-related outbreaks, SARS and MERS. The patient died on Jan. 27 ...

Coronavirus cases in China's Hubei fall for second day, Apple and markets feel impact
New coronavirus cases in the Chinese province at the epicenter of the outbreak fell for a second straight day, but deaths rose after the World Health Organization had cautioned there was not yet ...

WHO urges calm as China virus death toll reaches 2,000
The death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak surged to 2,000 on Wednesday, as Chinese and international health officials warned against excessive measures to contain the epidemic. - 'Less deadly' ...

On Tour, Pompeo Courts Africa, to Counter China
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa, promotes partnerships with American companies, but finds China’s presence pervasive. NAIROBI, Kenya — When U.S. Secretary ...

Amid Coronavirus, the World Closes Its Doors to China: ‘I Feel So Isolated’
Chinese people take 150 million international trips a year, whether to cut business deals, study abroad, or visit Santa’s reindeer. Canceled flights and quarantines are thwarting China’s ambitions to ...

Coronavirus Epidemic Keeps Growing, but Spread in China Slows
The World Health Organization said China’s drastic limits on people’s movement had helped, but experts cautioned against predicting that the worst was over.

Coronavirus live updates: China's Hubei province reports another 132 deaths
Hubei health authorities say 1,921 people died in the province from the virus and there were a total of 61,682 confirmed cases so far.

China's handling of coronavirus is a diplomatic challenge for WHO
Beijing’s draconian measures to contain outbreak have delayed global transmission ...

Indian hospitality start-up Oyo fights to keep hotels open in China amid coronavirus outbreak
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Leaked data reveals how China targets Muslims...
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Coronavirus exposes western universities’ reliance on China
Australia, the US and New Zealand are among more than a dozen nations to impose a ban on entry to anyone who is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident if they travelled in China within the past 14 ...