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News for Red Line

Why the Red Line extension no longer goes to 96th Street
The Red Line northern extension no longer travels to 96th Street. In December, IndyGo quietly announced that College Avenue and Lake Nora Drive, just south of 91st Street, would be the final ...

Iran inches closer to Israel's red line
This follows Iran's recent announcement that it will no longer observe enrichment limits under the nuclear deal. It's a specific challenge to Israel because Iran is well aware of Israel's red line.

Red line warning: Threats dare adversaries to test will of presidents, risk backfiring politically
From President Barack Obama’s 2012 red line on chemical weapons use by the Syrian government to President Trump’s recent vow to crush Iran in retaliation for any attacks on U.S. military assets, such ...

Another restaurant has closed on the Red Line south of Broad Ripple
SoBro Cafe is the second Indianapolis restaurant to close at College Avenue and 52nd Street along the Red Line.

Man in custody after robbery on Red Line near 47th Street
Two people allegedly robbed a 24-year-old man by force about 8:15 p.m. on a Red Line train near the 47th Street station, Chicago police said. A man was arrested Jan. 12, 2020, after a robbery on a Red ...

Red Line Greenway trail shows great promise, despite ugly duckling start — Steven Litt
That’s how it’s likely to be with the two-mile Red Line Greenway, a project just started by Metroparks on the city’s West Side, with a $6.6 million price tag for design and construction. The greenway, ...

Suspect released from custody after Red Line strong-arm robbery near 47th Street
Two people allegedly robbed a 24-year-old man by force about 8:15 p.m. on a Red Line train near the 47th Street station, police said.

Woman rescued after slipping and falling onto CTA’s Red Line tracks
A woman who fell on the tracks near the Chicago Avenue station was taken to a hospital suffering from a "medical emergency,'' after causing “major” delays to the CTA’s Red Line on Friday evening on ...

President Trump draws his red line
Whether one agrees with the elimination of General Qassem Soleimani as the correct means of signaling Iran, it was an important statement that a new red line is in effect.

Police stop Red Line trains on Near North Side to make arrest in robbery case
Four people were arrested at a CTA Red Line train station on the Near North Side Thursday evening after a robbery was reported nearby, Chicago police said. The robbery occurred near West Willow Street ...

Red Line shutdown, road closures for MLK weekend
Some significant road closures and a major Red Line shutdown are planned this Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. The closures include Saturday road closures downtown for the 2020 Women’s March ...

MBTA Red Line trains delayed due to ‘mechanical problem’ at JFK/UMass
“Delays of up to 20 minutes northbound due to a train with a mechanical problem at JFK/UMass,” officials tweeted. “A train is being offloaded at Savin Hill to push the train to the yard.” #MBTA ...