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The Deadly Internet Diet Drug That Cooks People Alive
The employees became weak and developed intestinal pain, followed by diarrhea. Their condition worsened even after they left ... In 2013, Sarah Houston, a 23-year-old medical student at Leeds ...

Dead or alive, real or imaginary, animals merit our care and wonderment
Rural Iowans can observe natural beauty, including the food chain, and the ways we interrupt creatures. A few days back I killed a cat, a beautiful calico kitten, about five pounds. Driving the ...

In a Dying Country, Garth Greenwell’s Narrator Comes Alive
Garth Greenwell’s first novel, “What Belongs to You” (2016), uses mesmeric cadences. The world observed and the interior life are slowed down, the rhythms in the prose given a strange and powerful ...

‘I still have hope that she’s alive,’ mother of missing 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez says as search continues
“I’m optimistic she’s alive,” he said. A task force of investigators from the police department ... “Nothing like this has happened here before,” he said. For Dulce’s family, the pain is palpable. Her ...

The Pain of the Holocaust Echoes Through Three Israeli Novels
A solitary woman who leaps from her balcony to her death and a writer who uncovers a family secret hidden by the war figure in these new works by Israeli authors.

For artist inspired by illness, ‘gratitude outweighs pain’
“The gratitude outweighs the pain,” Mortimer said. “Even if you're in immense pain, you know that my donor is not. He lives in me, but he's not alive anymore. I am. So I'm grateful for his decision, ...

Pain and Glory Channels Inner Nostalgia
One of your neighbors posted in Neighbor Posts. Click through to read what they have to say. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.) ...

After a Skewer Impaled This Young Boy in the Face, Doctors Didn’t Know How He Was Still Alive
How was this kid even alive? Dr. Ebersole headed home to make some calls ... And when he gets a scrape or has a mishap, instead of going straight to ten on the pain scale the way he used to, he’ll ...

For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical
When transgender model and activist Kenny Ethan Jones experienced his first period, he faced both physical and psychological pain. Initially ... nonbinary and intersex individuals having them is still ...

'I'm just happy to be alive': Teen survives 30 hours in snowy Utah mountains
He had planned to be back in time for dinner, instead, the 17-year-old's daytime hike turned into 30 hours alone in the snowy Utah mountains.

1 of 2 missing women in Hibiscus Drive fire has been located alive and well
It’s something you see on tv and you think it will never hit close to home. My heart is shattered, my pain is intense, and my family is broken. Prayers for my family, and prayers for Officer Kalama’s ...

‘Am I really alive?’: Man buried for 50 minutes recalls rescue from avalanche
He wasn’t in pain. He knew there was nothing he could do ... As rescuers uncovered him, he started yelling, happy to be alive. Fuzak, for his part, was quiet. “I wasn’t sure what was really happening.