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Do not be fooled by the picture postcard backdrop to Strade Bianche, its unforgiving roads are brutish
Do not be fooled by the picture postcard backdrop to Strade Bianche ... While amateurs are often found aping their heroes at cyclosportives or granfondos, the first Italian race of the WorldTour ...

Paradise lost: Eviction looms for hermit living alone on Italian island
Mauro Morandi has been the sole inhabitant of Budelli, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. As the global coronavirus crisis unfolds, he now faces eviction from "the safest place on Earth" ...

Pixar living la dolce vita with forthcoming film 'Luca'
a picturesque adventure set in the Italian Riviera. The film will be directed by Oscar-nominated director Enrico Casarosa, and will center on the title character, a young boy living his best life in ...

Paradise lost: Eviction looms for hermit living alone on Italian island
I just don’t see myself playing cards or bowls,” Morandi tells CNN Travel in Italian. Morandi ... fears the pink atoll will survive only on postcards from the past.