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News for Maserati

Maserati teases MC20 prototype again reminiscing about the Targa Florio
Maserati spent its weekend reminiscing about victory in the 1940 Targa Florio, putting an MC20 prototype to work enhancing the gravitas of the anniversary. After winning the Targa in 1937, 1938, and ...

Encino man ‘Maserati Mike’ sentenced to 9 years in prison for opioid conspiracy
Minas Matosyan, 40, of Encino, was convicted of scheming with 12 others to divert at least 2 million prescription pills for sale on the black market, federal officials said.

The Maserati Shamal Is the Ultimate Eighties Grand Tourer
Fiat Maserati, the company's most ambitious grand tourer, and the ultimate Eighties GT car. Welcome to You Must Buy, our daily look at the cars you really should be buying instead of that boring ...

Encino’s ‘Maserati Mike’ to be sentenced in oxycodone scheme
Minas “Maserati Mike” Matosyan, 39, of Encino, faces up to two decades behind bars on the single federal count of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone, according to the U.S.

Maserati to develop Stirling Moss tribute sports car
Maserati has announced that it is building a special derivative of its MC20, the brand’s new super sports car that honours the late racer Sir Stirling Moss who died on April 12. Moss debuted the ...

This Maserati MC20 Prototype Pays Tribute to Racing Legend Stirling Moss
But to keep the 600 hp two-seater in the spotlight until its rescheduled reveal this September, the Italian marque is using an MC20 prototype to pay tribute to one of its most famous race-car drivers, ...

Maserati to release new supercar and three revamped models
Luxury Italian auto manufacturer Maserati will lead a multi-billion pound revamp with the launch of a new supercar, before revised versions of three of its current models are released.

Maserati Teases MC20 Again, Celebrates Targa Florio Victories
The Maserati MC20 sports car debuts in September, but not before another batch of teasers celebrating the brand’s four Targa Florio victories.

Maserati MC20 supercar teased again
Italian sportscar maker Maserati has teased its MC20 completing track testing in Sicily ahead of a slated September debut. While the blurry spy photos released by Maserati reveal no new information a ...

Opinion: no more excuses for Maserati under new watch
While actually creating at least some of the cars has been an improvement on some of the revival plans of the past, creating them to match and better the ever-higher standards has been beyond Maserati ...

BMW, Audi and Maserati car showrooms to reopen June 1 in Marshall Motors plan
BMW, Audi and Maserati car dealerships run by Marshall Motors are set to reopen on 1 June after the government eased lockdown restrictions. Marshall runs 98 car showrooms across the country on behalf ...

Jay Leno Thinks the Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage Is the 'Most Perfect Race Car of All Time'
In his latest YouTube video, Jay Leno says the Tipo 61 is the "most perfect race car of all time." Considering its stats, we're inclined to agree. It gets its Birdcage nickname from its tubular steel ...