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News for Medieval

Spain’s Most Dazzling Restaurant, Noor, Brings Medieval Cuisine Into The 21st Century
Andalusian chef Paco Morales imagines he's cooking for a caliph in historic Al-Andalus, during the time of Moorish rule—the results are astounding.

A Medieval Castle Near Detroit Is on the Market for $2.3 Million—See Inside
Located in Oakland Township, the regal estate was completed in 1990 and boasts five bedrooms and seven bathrooms spanning nearly 10,800 square feet.

Medieval prayer room discovered under Iraqi mosque
The foundations of a 12th Century prayer room found under the al-Nouri Mosque in Mosul during ongoing efforts to rebuild the bombed-out Iraqi city ...

What a medieval love saga says about modern-day sexual harassment
The tomb of Abelard and Héloise. Alexandre Lenoir, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SASuddenly, popular media is saturated with stories of powerful men outed by women for behavior in the workplace. These ...

Medieval warhorses were surprisingly small in stature, study shows
Archeologist determine the mounts of medieval warriors were the size of modern-day ponies. Medieval warhorses are often depicted as massive […] ...

Scientists discover ‘surprising’ cause of Europe’s little ice age in late medieval era
Change in ocean currents – similar to phenomena seen today – likely cause behind substantial cooling, US scientists say ...

Britain’s medieval warhorses were smaller than you think
Warhorses that towered above men in battle, playing a vital role in Britain’s medieval history. But a new study suggests that popular depictions of medieval warhorses are a tiny bit off. Okay, a lot.

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire brings back the Middle Ages
Rows of colorful tents and stands with shopkeepers lined the massive field in southwest Gainesville. In the distance, the raucous medley of sword-fighting, lively music and laughter rang out from ...

‘Medieval To Metal: The Art & Evolution Of The Guitar’ set to open at LRMA in Laurel
The Art & Evolution Of The Guitar' is a touring exhibition that celebrates the artistic development of the guitar.

Gainesville's Hoggetowne Medieval Faire sees big turnout on opening weekend
Grab your boots, kilts, cloaks, blouses and corsets and head over to 9409 SW Archer Road for two more fun weekends — Jan. 22-23 and Jan. 28-30.

Nine stretches picked as samples for govt’s streetscaping project cobblestones to benches, Lodhi Road stretch to soon sport ‘medieval look’
Nine stretches have been selected across the city to be redeveloped as samples. Apart from redesigning these roads to make space for pedestrians, we are making the spaces informative by adding ...