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News for Myanmar

Thousands protest against Myanmar army after woman's killing
Several thousand protesters marched in southeast Myanmar on Tuesday to demand the military's withdrawal from the area and an end to rights abuses after soldiers allegedly killed an unarmed woman from ...

For Myanmar's Elections to Be Free and Fair Rohingya Must Get the Right to Vote
Governments around the world overlooked Rohingya disenfranchisement in 2015. They must not make the same mistake twice ...

Flash floods kill two in Thailand, storm heads for Myanmar
Flash floods killed at least two people and swept through hundreds of houses in northern Thailand, authorities said after tropical storm Sinlaku dumped heavy rains on 18 provinces over the weekend.

Blast Kills One Child, Injures Four Others in Myanmar’s Shan State
English News and Press Release on Myanmar about Mine Action and Protection and Human Rights; published on 31 Jul 2020 by RFA ...

Myanmar’s Ceasefire Falls Apart in Shan State
Instability in northern Shan state is increasing the forced displacement of locals, along other rights abuses.

Mitsubishi eyes car production in Myanmar
TOKYO -- Mitsubishi Motors is considering building vehicles in Myanmar, as the Japanese automaker deepens its commitment to Southeast Asia, CEO Takao Kato told Nikkei, charting a way forward in a ...

Myanmar: End Unlawful Internet Restrictions
Myanmar’s government should immediately lift internet restrictions in Rakhine and Chin States that have put civilians at added risk, Human Rights Watch said today. Government restrictions on the ...

Myanmar registers 4,121 dengue infections, 32 deaths over 6 months of this year
Myanmar has registered 4,121 dengue infections with 32 deaths over first six months of this year, according to a release from the Ministry of Health and Sports on Monday.

Myanmar Parties Select Candidates to Draw Youth And Women Voters in 2020 Contests
Myanmar's political parties have put forward more female and young candidates for this year's general elections than in past polls, ramping up efforts to draw more ballots from the country's large ...

Interview: 'Security is Important' as Myanmar's Rakhine State Prepares to Vote
Rakhine state, where fighting between government forces and the rebel Arakan Army (AA) has raged for 20 months, leaving scores of civilians dead and displacing around 200,000 others. The Union ...

Myanmar’s Protection Bill falls Short of Addressing Violence against Women
Myanmar is soon to see the latest version of its Prevention of and Protection from Violence Against Women (PoVAW) introduced in parliament. But the Global Justice Centre (GJC), an international human ...

Myanmar Mechanism launches website in English and Myanmar languages [EN/MY]
The website, in the English and Myanmar languages, will serve as one of the main platforms in the Mechanism’s effort to provide accurate and timely information about its mandate and work to various ...