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News for New York Giants

Giants 2020 roster profile: Tight end Kaden Smith
Thus, a player like 2019 sixth-round pick Kaden Smith found himself on waivers early in the 2019 season. That proved to be a benefit to the talent-needy New York Giants, who claimed Smith and watched ...

Giants 2020 roster profile: Offensive tackle Eric Smith
Eric Smith did not leave a good impression when pressed into emergency duty at left tackle for the New York Giants a season ago. Pressed into service when Nate Solder suffered a concussion against the ...

Lawyers for Seahawks' Quinton Dunbar, Giants' DeAndre Baker deny report of cover-up
Lawyers for Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar and Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker are denying a report of a cover-up in the alleged robbery involving the two NFL players in May.

Giants' Nate Solder: 'There is no football in 2020' if NFL doesn't keep players healthy
Solder, the Giants' NFLPA representative, issued ominous message on social media insinuating the league isn't doing its part to keep players healthy.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Hopeful That Fans Will Be Able to Attend Giants, Jets Games This Fall
The governor expresses some optimism that smaller crowds could be admitted to NFL venues in New Jersey this fall.

Giants' DeAndre Baker, Seahawks' Quinton Dunbar allegedly paid off witnesses, per report
A New York Daily News report alleges DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar were involved in a payoff of four witnesses to change their initial statements.

Giants expected to cut DeAndre Baker after warrant claims he paid off alleged victims as part of $55K cover-up in armed robbery case
New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker could be in a lot more trouble with new details surfacing about his arrest for armed robbery in May.

Giants expected to release DeAndre Baker
It appears that DeAndre Baker’s time with the New York Giants is about to come to an end. After new evidence in an armed robbery case against Baker emerged on July 10, Pat Leonard of the New York Post ...

Buster Posey misses third Giants workout for personal reasons, per Gabe Kapler
The Giants went through their sixth day of work at Oracle Park on Thursday. For the third time, the longtime franchise star was not in the building. Buster Posey again missed the workout Thursday for ...

Bills, Giants, Jets players won’t be subject to 14-day quarantine before camp
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said on Friday that teams coming from areas with increasing rates of COVID-19 to play games against the Jets and Giants would be exempt from the 14-day quarantine in ...

N.J. governor: Giants, Jets wouldn't need to quarantine before camp
New Jersey governor Phil Murphy's Friday announcement that the state's quarantine rule provides some leeway for those whose travel has been deemed essential has opened the door for the possibility tha ...

Gov. Murphy: Giants, Jets won’t have to quarantine before training camp
Giants and Jets players traveling to New Jersey won’t be subject to the state’s new rule, requiring visitors from certain states with large numbers of COVID-19 cases to quarantine for 14 days upon ...