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News for Packers

Packers place 6 more players on non-football injury list, including Za'Darius Smith and Kevin King
The Green Bay Packers will be without a handful of veteran players when training camp kicks off on Wednesday. The team placed outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith, cornerback Kevin King, defensive ...

Allen Lazard reportedly signs tender with Packers; Green Bay also announces release of Blake Bortles
Lost in the shuffle of the drama between the Green Bay front office and Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams was the fact that wide receiver Allen Lazard had yet to sign his tender with the team, meaning ...

'This is a win for the Green Bay Packers, whose quarterback was trying to get the GM fired': ESPN talkers on Aaron Rodgers' return
The QB's arrival in Green Bay was a hot topic on ESPN's "Around the Horn" for Clinton Yates, Frank Isola, Kevin Blackistone and Israel Gutierrez.

Report: Packers Trading for Cobb
The trade is noteworthy on multiple levels, probably the least of which being Randall Cobb’s return to Green Bay and what he can add to an offense that led the NFL in scoring in 2020.

Packers working on trade with Texans for Randall Cobb, fulfilling Aaron Rodgers' request, per report
The Green Bay Packers are working on a trade with the Houston Texans to acquire wide receiver Randall Cobb, according to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, fulfilling the request of quarterback Aaron ...

Packers working to acquire Randall Cobb in trade with Texans
With Green Bay nearing a deal to end the NFL offseason’s biggest storyline and bring Aaron Rodgers back for 2021, the club is simultaneously working to add Randall Cobb, a favorite former target of ...

Report: Packers working on trade to bring back Randall Cobb
Aaron Rodgers has returned to the Packers, and Randall Cobb might not be far behind. The quarterback apparently will get his wish to get Cobb back on the Packers. The Packers are working on a trade ...

Aaron Rodgers Arrives at Packers' Training Camp
Former Cal standout ends his holdout by coming to Green Bay camp on Tuesday when veterans are required to report ...

Report: Packers cut Jake Dolegala, too
Aaron Rodgers shows up, and Packers backup quarterbacks disappear. Blake Bortles wasn’t the only quarterback the team cut Tuesday. Joe Buscaglia of TheAthletic.com reports the Packers have waived Jake ...

Aaron Rodgers reps 'The Office' with T-shirt upon return to Packers training camp
Aaron Rodgers arrived at Lambeau Field Tuesday wearing a T-shirt featuring his good friend Brian Baumgartner, the actor who plays Kevin Malone.

Greg Jennings on Aaron Rodgers - Packers restructured deal, Davante Adams' future in Green Bay I THE HERD
Greg Jennings joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the latest chapter in the Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers offseason saga. The Super Bowl winning wide receiver reacts to the new deal and what it ...

Here's where you can get the awesome shirt Aaron Rodgers wore to Packers training camp
Nothing says Aaron Rodgers quite like showing up to the start of training camp in a t-shirt featuring a mash-up of Kevin's chili incident in "The Office" and the iconic look of NBA Jam. You can find ...