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News for Packers

Packers protect 4 players on practice squad for divisional round
The Packers protected 4 players on the practice squad this week, including two prime options to be elevated to the gameday roster vs. the 49ers.

Breaking down Packers' first injury report of NFC Divisional Round
The Green Bay Packers released their first injury report of the NFC Divisional Round on Tuesday. Matt LaFleur’s team held a normal practice, meaning participation didn’t need to be estimated. The ...

Plenty Has Changed Since Week 3 and Packers-49ers Rematch
When Saturday night's playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers begins, it will have been 118 days since Mason Crosby's game-winning kick.

49ers vs. Packers: Who has the edge in NFC divisional round matchup?
We examined the 49ers’ recent games against the Packers to determine what might be the difference in Saturday’s playoff matchup.

Deebo Samuel is the most important player in the 49ers-Packers playoff showdown
None of these players will be more important in the 49ers Divisional Round showdown against the Green Bay Packers than wideout-turned-running-back-turned-occasional-quarterback Deebo Samuel. Samuel is ...

Two Areas the 49ers Need to Clean up Ahead of Matchup With Packers
There were several mistakes the 49ers made against the Cowboys that they need to clean up when they face the Packers.

Packers aware 'dynamic' Deebo presents matchup challenges
Deebo Samuel is the 49ers' lead Swiss army knife on offense. The electric wide receiver has done it all for the 49ers this season, catching 77 passes for 1,405 yards and six touchdowns while also ...

49ers-Packers notes: LaFleur sees problems ahead with Samuel, physical matchup
If you look at them as of late, this is a confident group.” Packers coach Matt LaFleur says of the 49ers. “You can see it on tape. You can see how they played. We have to play ...

Super Bowl 2022 odds: Packers, Titans slotted in different tiers despite both being No. 1 seeds
The Packers enter the divisional round as the Super Bowl favorite at +380, while the Titans own the third-best odds in the conference and third-worst among the remaining playoff teams at +850. Green ...

49ers vs. Packers preview | Divisional Round
Here's everything you need to know before the San Francisco 49ers take on the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of the 2021 NFL playoffs.

Packers hopeful about Za’Darius Smith, Jaire Alexander, Whitney Mercilus playing this week
The Packers defense may be getting several reinforcements for Saturday’s game against the 49ers.Edge rushers Za'Darius Smith and Whitney Mercilus both returned to practice last week after extended ...

5 questions with LeRoy Butler: Green Bay Packers need a plan for 49ers' Deebo Samuel
LeRoy emphasizes the importance of having a defensive plan for San Francisco 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel. Bill Schulz Bill Schulz, Packers News ...