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Eaten water beetles stay alive by escaping through the predator's anus
Few animals survive being eaten by their predators, but a species of water beetles has adapted to stay alive, a new study finds.

Washington teen found alive 9 days after she ran out of gas and disappeared into the woods
Giovanna Fuda, 18, was found Saturday nine days after she ran out of gas 10 miles from the nearest gas station then disappeared into the woods.

After Being Swallowed Alive, Water Beetle Stages ‘Backdoor’ Escape from Frog’s Gut
Being swallowed alive by a frog is a death sentence for most insects, but one beetle species shrugs off being digested and instead finds freedom by sneaking out through its captor's anus. When the ...

Man feared murdered is found alive in woods after nearly five years
Ricardas Puisys found hiding in Wisbech, Cambs, after Facebook account set up in his name ...

The Dream Of The Late ’90s Is Alive With Dominic Fike
Dominic Fike was born at the end of 1995, and so was his musical aesthetic. Fike, a singer, guitarist, and rapper from Naples, Florida, looks like a hypermodern rap-adjacent pop star — he has an Apple ...

A Washington teen ran out of gas and disappeared. She was found alive 8 days later.
A Washington state woman was found alive eight days after she went missing in a wooded area, authorities said. Gia Fuda, 18, of Maple Valley was located by search and rescue crews in the Cascade ...

'Vivek Oji' Is Very Much Alive In This Boundary-Breaking New Novel
You know what's going to happen in Akwaeke Emezi's new book — it's right there in the title: The Death of Vivek Oji. But this novel about a death is full of gender-bending, boundary crossing life.

Amanda Kloots Says Part of Nick Cordero 'Is Still Alive' in Their Son Elvis After Sharing Side-By-Side Images
A fan reminded Amanda Kloots on Sunday (Aug. 2) how her 13-month-old son Elvis will always carry a piece of Nick Cordero with him in their striking resemblance.

Man Who Officers Thought Was Murdered Five Years Ago Found Alive in Woods
Ricardas Puisys, 35, disappeared in September 2015 without a trace, leading to a major search and murder inquiry.

Can ResMed (RMD) Keep the Earnings Surprise Streak Alive?
Looking for a stock that has been consistently beating earnings estimates and might be well positioned to keep the streak alive in its next quarterly report? ResMed (RMD), which belongs to the Zacks ...

Can CyberArk (CYBR) Keep the Earnings Surprise Streak Alive?
CyberArk (CYBR) has an impressive earnings surprise history and currently possesses the right combination of the two key ingredients for a likely beat in its next quarterly report.

Venture fund-raising is alive and (relatively) well.
Smaller companies aren’t afraid to embark on fund-raising either, even if the pandemic has changed the way they court potential investors. Ro, a telehealth start-up, said last week that it had raised ...